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Pop Pop’s visit: part 1

Pop Pop was here for two weeks and we had a fabulous time.  I would like to start with a few pictures from his visit.  I have way too pictures to put into one post so there will be parts to his visit.

We’ll start at the beginning.  First thing’s first, right?  We gotta get the big guy up in the playhouse…

We were in the 90s here (crazy for Colorado, I know) so we had to have some icy treats there too…

We went to a Sky Sox game and had a great time. 

We also celebrated Father’s Day (a week early due to Jeremiah’s work schedule and Pop Pop leaving).  There were lots (and lots and lots and lots!) of home-made paper crafts from the kids…

Silly faces…

This is my new favorite picture of Mazie and her dad.  More to come from Pop Pop’s visit.

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One thought on “Pop Pop’s visit: part 1

  1. Megan's Mom on said:

    Love all the pictures but the best is the “wanna-be Josh look” of Jacob … Priceless!

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