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Yesterday was my birthday.  I had a fantastic day.  My kids and husband pampered me and I was treated to dinner out and a homemade Angel food cake…my favorite!Doesn’t that look yummy?  Jeremiah made it all by himself from scratch!  There was some loud singing… and then cutting the cake and eating it with the chocolate fondue… 

So saying that I’m 35 sounds old to me.  I certainly don’t feel old.  Sure, I notice the little lines here and there but it seriously catches me off guard to hear that I am 35.  I mean, I really do have to figure out my age based on Mazie’s age.  I was 25 when I had her and she will be 10.  Ok, that’s enough talking now.

The kids made me some fabulous cards.  Jacob even wrote his out all by himself (and it was legible)!  I know how hard they were working on those cards.  It warms my heart.  We also decorated the house to get ready for Christmas… It was a great day.  Thanks for all the birthday love!

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One thought on “35

  1. Does sound like a wonderful day — just like you deserve! That cake and fondue looks delicious!!! You have a little something headed your way, hopefully it will arrive today — a little more deliciousness & one of my absolute favorite treats!

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