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The Big Dog Brag

Jeremiah and I thought it would be fun to sign up the whole family for a mud run.  There happened to be one close to our house that was kid friendly.  The Big Dog Brag was the name of the event.  We opted for the 2k so the kids could do it with us.  They were all so excited about doing an obstacle course.  Jacob was the one who was hesitant at first about the whole thing.  He was so worried that the mud would be just too much.  It wasn’t until after I told him that we were supposed to end up very muddy at the end of the race that he started getting excited.

Here is a before picture of the clean kids…I have to say it was a long 1.25 mile.  It was a hot, sunny day.  There were so many people doing the run that we ended up waiting in line as most of the obstacles.  It was the first year and there were a few kinks that I’m sure will be smoothed out before next year’s race.  We had so much fun though.  Our first obstacle was a mud slide.  Jamie and I went down together, holding hands, because I was the chicken.  We ended up so filthy and muddy.  It was awesome.  I washed my hair three times before I felt like the mud was completely out!

Our filthy family…And our no longer running shoes…We really did have a great time.  It is something we will be doing again!

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2 thoughts on “The Big Dog Brag

  1. PopPop on said:

    I’d love to try that – looks like total fun!

  2. Gramma Boyer on said:

    OMG…. What a great adventure… It looks like you had lots of fun:D

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