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Ten On Tuesday

1.  I started Christmas shopping last week!  I’m so excited.

2.  Sunday we went to Golden for A Day Out With Thomas.  The kids were so excited about going!

3.  I just like this picture.  All three of them insisted on cramming into the train!

4.  My favorite part was the displays.  The volunteers really work hard to keep all the trains in running condition.

5.  The kids were having so much fun, they obliged when I asked them to pose!

6.  I have been working on ideas for the cake I intent to decorate for the cake constest that I entered.  The contest is on October 23.  I will have 1 1/2 hours to decorate a tiered cake.  I am thinking of doing pumpkins and leaves in various colors for a Fall theme. 

7.  Has anyone checked out the new business blog (stahrscakes.com) lately?  There are Elmo cupcakes over there that are pretty cute!  There will be an ad for some Fall treats coming by the end of the week!

8.  Mazie and I have been recommended to take our taekwondo test on Saturday.  Mazie will receive her Bo Dan II belt (which gives her two more tests until testing for her black belt!) and I will receive my Red belt.  Jamie’s curriculum is that she needs to skip this test.  But she will be cheering us on at the test!

9.  I’ve also started working on our Thanksgiving dinner menu.  Anyone joining us for our big meal?  You know I always make too much food.

10.  Friday, I am going with Jamie’s class to the Pumpkin Patch.  I’m so excited to be going.  It should be lots of fun!

Happy Tuesday!

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5 thoughts on “Ten On Tuesday

  1. I can’t believe you guys are already going to a pumpkin patch. It will be Christmas before we know it. And those Elmo cupcakes are adorable. I wish my boys could eat those.

  2. Glad to see everyone had a good time visiting Thomas and his friends. The Elmo cupcakes are really neat! Good luck to you and Mazie in your upcoming test.

  3. Love those Thomas pics!
    And is it really time to be thinking fall and Thanksgiving?!?

  4. (covering my ears) lalalalala: I don’t hear anything about Christmas shopping, shhh! it’s too early for me!

    I just saw that you had a new site yesterday (we’ve been SO busy), but it looks wonderful, Megan! Great job!

  5. yes we started xmas shopping too! i cannot wait to see your contest cake!

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