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The Great Catch Up

I have to get things into an order before the big holidays start around here.  I like Halloween but that’s not really a big holiday for us here.  In fact, the kids didn’t even go trick-or-treating.  We went to the Fall Festival at school on Friday night and the AF/Utah football game on Saturday night.  I wasn’t going to take the kids out on Sunday because we kind of needed a day where we just didn’t go anywhere.  They didn’t even notice that we didn’t go out.  They typically forget about the candy anyway.  It sits in the pantry (while I sneak a piece here and there) until June when I finally throw it out.

So two weeks ago was Fall break around here.  I didn’t really post anything besides the kids jumping into our pathetic pile of leaves.  It really was pathetic but they did have their fun.  We also had lots of art time.  The kids love when they can color, draw, create.  So that’s what we did for one whole day.  Nothing but create…

We also enjoyed a movie day.  Each of the kids picked out one movie and then I added one for good measure.  There were lots of treats to eat.  Popcorn, chips, pretzels, and even ice cream for lunch.  Oh and they stayed in jammies all day long!

That’s all I have pictures of but the kids had fun playing together for the full two weeks.  It was time to go back last week though.  Jacob was ready to have the girls out of the house and me to himself.  And he was ready to go back too!

Last week was a busy baking week for me.  I made cupcakes for Mazie’s Fall class party.  I also made this cake for the festival.  I donated it to the cake walk.  I also had an order due on Sunday.  (you can see that on the business blog too)  Jacob loves to help me in the kitchen.  So while he was monitoring Ruby (the mixer) I snapped this picture.  He was telling me that the batter was “smooshy”.

Jacob also reached the half way point in his semester of The Little Gym classes.  So their theme for that class was a pajama party.  They were to wear their jammies and show all the parents their cool moves.  Here they are at their slumber party sleeping…

When they change stations they pretend they are a train…

I just love this picture of him showing off in front of a girl…

This picture is funny because while all the kids were doing their cool moves, it was storming (and hailing) outside and none of them noticed!

“Hey, Mom, are you getting this?”

So there was our Fall break and last week!  Whew that’s it.  I’m caught up!  November is proving to be busier than October already.  Lots going on this month.  Mazie has a choral concert and her first robotics competition, Pop Pop will be visiting 🙂 , Thanksgiving…just to name a few things.  Hopefully we will be able to breathe while all this is going on!

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2 thoughts on “The Great Catch Up

  1. PopPop on said:

    I’m sure the kids were glad to go back to school to get a rest! Good pix!

  2. i will have to remember ‘movie day’ for our # boxes for christmas – that is a GREAT idea for a day when they’re both home!

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