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Ten On Tuesday

1.  So my son thinks he quite the lover boy.  He has two girlfriends at school.  One has red hair (I think of Charlie Brown with that one) and one has blonde hair and blue eyes just like he does.  Those are his reasons for liking those two anyway.  Yesterday at the gym, he played with three girls the whole time I was working out.

2.  Jacob told me that when we got home, I could get a cheeky kiss!  I love that boy.

3.  It is supposed to snow here today.  It looks like it might but there isn’t anything yet.  We had 70 degrees yesterday!

4.  I’m not complaining about the weather.  However, it would have been nice to enjoy some Fall-like weather since we had such a hot summer and now it’s supposed to be in the 40s the rest of the week. 

5.  Mazie and I went shopping for new sneakers for her this weekend.  She went from a size 12 to a size 2!  All of a sudden.  Most of her dressy shoes are sized 1. 

6.  Jamie is still has two pair of jeans that are size 5.  They are a little snug but she likes them because she doesn’t have to roll them.  Poor thing.  Why can’t they make 6X in petite?

7.  If Jamie doesn’t grow soon, Jacob’s going to be the same size.  He wears 4T and almost the same size in shoe!

8. I am finished Christmas shopping for all the kids in our life…except ours.  I know what to get them.  I just haven’t yet.  I also know what I am getting others too.  Again, just haven’t gotten there.  I even have some birthday presents for the upcoming months already ordered or purchased!  I know, I’m on it.

9.  I have our Christmas cards ready too!  Thanks to Rachel who took our pictures last week.  Maybe there will be a sneak peek this week…

10. The downside to all that is that I have to get it wrapped and to the post office in a timely matter.  That’s where I tend to not just drop the ball but lose it altogether.  Hopefully, this will be my year to prove myself to be better at that part!

Happy Tuesday.

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4 thoughts on “Ten On Tuesday

  1. OMG I know just what you mean – I have everything either purchased, ordered, or at least figured out. And then I’ll have it all and feel so great but it still has to be wrapped or distributed!

    Oh, and 40 IS fall, remember? It’s not winter until it’s regularly in the 20s. And then, after awhile, 20 feels W-A-R-M.

  2. 40 is the dead of winter here at night. I am currently wearing a fleece jammy because its 70 in my house. I am almost done & I too need to get to the post office. Definitely the worst part.

  3. Did you get a dump of snow yet??!

  4. Find your shovels – it’s coming! Can’t believe how the are growing!

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