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Special Friday!

Today Jamie did her presentation on England in front of her class.  She did an awesome job.  She spoke about things she research about the country like their traditions, special holidays, different foods, etc.  Her visual aide was to show the class what an afternoon tea looks like.  So she had her little tea set all set up…

That picture cracks me up because everyone seemed to be enthralled with Jamie’s tea set!  She showed how they held the tea cups and told them why…

She then handed out scones to all the kids and her teacher.  Jamie told me after school that one of her friends said she had the best mom!  That was nice to hear.  She did a great job and was very pleased with herself. 

Today also happens to be a special birthday.  My dad has been visiting since the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.  When he told us that he would be here over his birthday, the girls went to work on figuring out his birthday cake.  They really thought long and hard about what flavor it should be.  Finally lemon cake with lemon icing was the winner.  And so we worked together to figure out the design.  This is what the result was…

A 4 tiered cake (2 inch, 3 inch, 4 inch, and 6 inch rounds) that had some orange on it because that’s Pop Pop’s favorite color.  Oh and don’t forget the sparkler candles!

I was pleased with the outcome and it was yummy!  Jacob kept asking for the bottom layer…for himself !  Happy Birthday Dad.  We love you!

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2 thoughts on “Special Friday!

  1. Gramma Boyer on said:

    So proud of you, Jamie. Did you so know The Queen always had a fresh batch of sconce made for “tea time” and as she drank her tea she crumbled the sconce for her 5 Yorkies? If you would like I can send you the book to read. It was written by Princes DI’s cook!
    Looks like you had lots of fun celebrating lots of things!!!

  2. That is one amazing cake! Good job Jamie!

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