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Ten On Tuesday

1.  I can’t believe it is the January 18th today.  Where did the first half of January go?  Better question…what happened to Christmas?  Wasn’t that just last week?

2.  Sad thing is is that we are already gearing up for Valentines’ Day around here.  Lists are getting sent home for all the cards and parties are being planned.  Um, that is still on February 14th, right?  Almost a month away?

3.  I got a box today that was sent on December 10!  I got it today.  That’s more than a month late.  I guess my mailman is a little behind…or he’s lazy…or both.

4.  So, if you haven’t heard about a possible gift you may or may not have sent to this house and how we may be enjoying said gift, you might want to email/call me to make sure we even got it.

5.  I went to the dentist for the first time in almost 3 years.  Let me clarify that.  The last time I went to the dentist I was one month away from giving birth to my now almost 4-year-old.  I know, I know, but I went and it wasn’t bad.  It wasn’t great but it wasn’t bad.  I do have to have a wisdom tooth pulled.  Yay me!

6.  I vow to never go more than one year between visits ever again!  I am hoping to just stick to setting up the six month checks right away so I don’t have a reason to forget…

7.  I ordered crayons for a lot of the kiddos on our Christmas list last year from this etsy shop.  She does a great job and she is super easy to work with.

8.  Speaking of etsy, I finally had my dear husband take a photo of the new tees for the business!  I worked with this etsy shop.  I didn’t even know what I wanted and asked the owners what they suggested, giving them our logo and website to check things out.  This is what they came up with…

No, not the goofy lady in the shirt, this…

I was so impressed!  I placed an order and they were super quick with it.  I even got a free bag that has the same design on it.  Such a surprise!

9.  Jeremiah started his last semester of his school today!

10.  I was a hero this morning.  I squashed a tiny (really, really tiny) spider and saved the day.  The girls (ok, just Mazie while Jacob was trying to get a closer look) were freaking out about it when they were opening the blinds to let in the sunshine.  I, fears aside, did what a mama should and took care of the little being.  Fact: I probably would have trapped it and left it for Jeremiah to kill when he got home had it been any bigger!

Happy Tuesday!

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4 thoughts on “Ten On Tuesday

  1. PopPop on said:

    Love the shirts! I too cannot believe January is half over. So, on my next visit, where can I expect to find the framed spider??

  2. what a great post! love the shirts, and i, too, am wondering what is becoming of january. oh well, at least in this neck of the woods, once jan and feb are over we’re home free.

  3. Love the tee- shirt. So cute!

  4. Look how adorable you are! I hope they draw some more business in for you! How much longer are you supposed to be in CS?

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