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Ten on Tuesday

1.  Jamie ran her first meet last night.  She ran 400 meters in 2 minutes and 21 seconds (her official time).  She was so excited and proud.  I am so proud of her for doing something that was totally and completely out of her box.  She even got a ribbon after she crossed the finish line.  She did such an awesome job! 

2.  Jamie originally ordered up a 7 balloon cake for her big celebration this weekend.  Then we realized that only 9 kids were going to be at her party.  She changed it to a hot air balloon instead. 

3.  I should probably get working on that design.

4.  My Decorating Basics course at Hobby Lobby ended last night.  I am going to post pictures of the students’ final project cakes on the business blog later this week.  They all did a great job…even the two 11-year olds!

5.  Speaking of my classes, if you are in the area and interested in taking a class, May classes start next week!  Go to Hobby Lobby to sign up.

6.  I am making the first of our Easter leftover meals tonight.  Ham Pot Pie is on the menu.  The kids (and, even more so, Jeremiah) are super excited!

7.  Jeremiah recently got his iPhone in the mail.  He is officially out of the cave!

8.  Mazie handed in her Science Fair project on Monday.  She was so excited about it.  Her hypothesis was to prove whether or not plants needed both light and water to survive.  She had 4 different plants.  One received water and light, one only light, one only water, and one nothing (she had the last two plants under a box to keep light out).  It was pretty interesting to see the results.  We get to see the projects displayed after school tomorrow and they get judged on Thursday!

9.  I asked Jamie where she wanted to go on her birthday date with dad.  Jacob interrupted and asked if he was going on a birthday date.  I explained that he and I will go out on a birthday day when we turns 5.  He piped up with, “We will go somewhere special.”  My heart filled with the thought of him wanting to go somewhere special.  Then he said, “I think Noodles & Co would be good.”  I guess to a 4-year old, that is a pretty special place!

10.  I’m pretty proud of my family.  Jeremiah is graduating from college soon.  Jacob is getting so big and smart.  Jamie is trying new things without hesitation.  Mazie is using her brain for productive things instead of misbehaving.  I have a pretty great family!  I love you all!

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2 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday

  1. Aunt Carissa on said:

    congratulations jamie!!! isn’t running track so much fun?

  2. Jamie that’s awesome!! Way to run! Jeremiah, don’t feel bad – I still don’t have a smartphone and Ron makes fun of me whenever I have to text someone back, pushing all the numbers over and over just to get to the right letter! Ha!

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