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Ten On Tuesday

1.  So I’m starting with Jacob’s field day on his last day of school.  It’s been kind of busy around here so follow with me.  Jacob’s class warmed up for the games.  Check out Jacob’s mean air guitar!

2.  The preschooler’s first event was ping-pong cups.  I know, it’s beer pong but there was water in the cups, not beer.

3.  Just a quick note, I was shocked at how accurate Jacob’s aim was.  He got the ball into two cups.  I would hate to play against him and I have already had a little discussion with him about his choice of colleges…no party schools!

4.  The kids ventured outside for a water relay.  The kids were so funny walking with their empty cups to the water buckets and then walking back with their full cups dripping water all over themselves trying to fill their empty bucket…

5.  It was on to the egg relay.  The boys were kind of horrible at this one.  The girls really rocked!  But Jacob, at the very least, concentrated.  He didn’t like that his egg kept fall off of his spoon.

6.  Instead of a three-legged race, the preschoolers did a three-armed race.  It was such fun.  The kids were giggling with glee.  I heard some of the parents laughing too!

7.  Fast forward to Thursday, please.  Jeremiah graduated from college.  His graduation ceremony was on Thursday.  His biggest supporters were there cheering him on…

(yeah, I know, why didn’t I ask someone to take a family photo…I just don’t think of those things)

8.  And here he is, the big graduate, getting his diploma!

Now he can get back to work, right?  Just kidding, he’s looking forward to taking command this week.  Funny to think he is going to be an AOC!

9.  Saturday was a pretty busy day for us.  Jamie and I tested for our next belts in taekwondo.  This is our before picture…

Jamie advanced to a bo dan I belt (meaning she has to get two more belts before getting her black belt) and I advanced to red senior II (I am currently one belt below Jamie).  We didn’t get any pictures of us testing because Jeremiah and the other two were busy adopting our dog. 

10.  Meet Maxine (Max for short).  They went to get her and after our test, this was the first picture I took.  Jamie with her new belt and our newest member of the family.  She is a lab/border collie mix.  The shelter also thinks there is a little golden in there somewhere.  She is awesome and perfect for our family.  The kids love her and she loves to just be here. We are having fun getting to know her!

Happy Tuesday!

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4 thoughts on “Ten On Tuesday

  1. Sara on said:

    What a great update, but you’ll have to let me know how the dog thing goes. My boys have been on me daily to get a dog. Not so sure I am ready to jump off that bridge.

  2. Congrats Jerimiah & girls & Johnnie has that same Air Force jacket.

  3. PopPop on said:

    Jacob: Looks like you had a lot of fun at field day. I like the button-down shirt you are wearing in the graduation photo-awesome! Keep wearing them – you look great!
    Congratulations, Jeremiah! Good luck with the new job.

  4. j.j. on said:

    big things happening all around! big thumbs up to everyone, and what a cutie dog you picked out:)

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