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Ten On Tuesday

1.  St. Patrick’s Day was on Saturday.  And, while we aren’t Irish or drink green beer, it’s a fun day for the kids who like to wear green.

I mean, Jacob does love green and the girls get a kick out of four-leaf clovers and such.  So this is what we had for lunch.  Shamrock sandwiches (with or without tomato) and Granny Smith apple slices (not pictured)…

2.  I also made some mint chocolate chip cupcakes with vanilla mint buttercream.  They liked those too. 3.  Jeremiah was gone for most of Thursday, Friday, and Saturday due to recognition (remember that USAFA grads?).  So the Baby Bulls of Squadron 6 became Big Bulls.  He’s so proud.  It was not as rough as I was thinking it would be (being alone with the kids for that length of time) but I’m not really looking forward to the next time.

4.  Check out the business blog to see the “Green Things” I’ve made recently.  I made my first truffles (which were pretty yummy according to my critics…ie The Kids) and a green velvet cake.

5.  We are going to California on Saturday!  Someone has a pretty big birthday coming up.  He’s pretty happy we are celebrating it at Disneyland.  We are all excited!

6.  Mazie taught Jamie and I our kyroogi poomse (sparring form) for taekwondo this weekend.  We both knew the steps, just out of order.  She was a good teacher.  I am grateful she had the patience to teach me.

7.  Jacob is leader at school on Thursday.  He wants to take rainbow fruit kabobs and cheese sticks for snack.  I’m hoping I have enough time tomorrow to put them together.

8.  Mazie learned to do laundry yesterday.  From start to finish.  She put it into the washer with the detergent, switched it over to the dryer (pictured), and even folded it.  I was very proud.  She also knows that most of the laundry is done during the week…while she is at school…backfire. 

9.  And Jamie has been working on ixl (a math computer program through the school).  Spring break doesn’t mean no work around here! 

10.  Max (the resident pet) got into a little tiff with her neighbor today.  The neighbor’s dog is a male and a few years younger than Max but they’ve always kind of played together.  Today he was actually attacking her and trying to bite her.  I noticed the two of them running in our yard this afternoon but Max wasn’t running with him.  She was trying to get away from him.  So I called her inside but he just kept after her.  It was weird.  She had a spot on her back that was a bit sensitive after.   I’m not sure what happened but she was shaking after I finally got her into the house.

Happy Tuesday!

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2 thoughts on “Ten On Tuesday

  1. PopPop on said:

    Looks like a lot of scrumptious yummies! Keep up the good work with ixl, Jamie! I am sure Jacob will be in 7th heaven to celebrate his big event in California. Mazie, can’t wait for you to come to PA – I have laundry that needs to be done!

  2. J.J. Killins on said:

    I think that teaching the kids to do their own laundry at the beginning of this school year is the greatest thing I will ever teach them. Ever. Good job, Mama.

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