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Mazie Monday

Mazie’s eleventh birthday went off without a hitch!  The girls started the day with manis/pedis while the boys searched for flowers for Dad’s date with Mazie.  With decorations and gifts ready to go…


IMG_0006Mazie was ready to do what any eleven year old wants to do on her birthday…text.  Since Mazie is only allowed to receive texts from people who are in her contact list, I worked a few days before hand to contact people who would totally surprise her with a text on her birthday.  She was so surprised at the amount of texts (and her new contacts) that she was in heaven for the better part of Saturday for this reason alone.

While she answered her many texts and calls, I finished her cake.  Normally she asks for strawberry cake with strawberry icing…the pinkest cake inside and out.  But this year she opted for chocolate cake with strawberry icing.  She still apparently needed her signature pink!


And since it was just the five of us celebrating Mazie, we went with the small 6 inch cake stacked high but Mazie still got her star…

IMG_0003Mazie actually struggled with deciding on what she wanted for her birthday dessert.  She asked if I would make her peanut butter fudge!  But then she realized that she wouldn’t get her star and decided on cake instead.  I’m so glad I started that tradition and they look forward to it.  I can see making stars for them when they are 20!

When Mazie’s thumbs fell off (kidding, they just went numb) from all the texting, she was ready to prepare for her big date.  She had her outfit already picked out but wanted me to style her hair.  So we went to it and then did a little eleven year old photo shoot.


IMG_0032This was quite possibly my most favorite photo of Mazie ever.  Funny that she finally gave me her smile only after she was laughing at herself for doing this…


That’s my Tween, people!

So it was time for the big date.  Dad rang the door bell and she answered it after a second to make sure her clothes where in place.  And was greeted with beautiful fuchsia tipped carnations.  Then they were off…


She chose Fargo’s for the date and even purchased her very first gum ball while there.  Oh didn’t you hear?  She gets her braces off at the end of the month!  First thing she wants to do is have a piece of gum.  I’m pretty sure her gum ball is going to be quite stale by then but it’s what it represents more than how it will taste.

They returned and she told me all about her wonderful date.  I really hope that never changes even when the date is someone other than Dad!  It was time for singing and cake…


IMG_0055Then presents…

IMG_0061Then finishing with skyping.  Technology is amazing, right?


I’d like to say that it gets easier.  Mazie getting older.  But it really doesn’t.  I mean, I think I handle it better but I still see her 2-year-old face when I talk to her sometimes.  Or hear her little 5-year-old wisdom.  Mazie’s all of a sudden a young lady as we get into these kind of scary years.  I just want her 2 again.  I think I will always want her to be 2.  I guess that’s just being a Mama.

Happy Birthday, Mazie Moo!  We love you always.

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3 thoughts on “Mazie Monday

  1. Gramma Boyer on said:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post!
    LOVE the photos of my lovely MAZIE!
    Happy ELEVEN!!!!!! WOW!

  2. carissa on said:

    brings tears to my eyes everytime you talk about the kids that way. i know i will be going through the same thing through the years and its just amazing how they grow and will grow up to be perfect little people/young adults that we made.

    her hair is beautiful too by the way!!!!!

  3. PopPop on said:

    I too think that photo of Mazie has just become my favorite as well! I too think of Mazie when she was a little newborn that I could carry around in one hand, and now, ELEVEN! Wow! But Mazie, you have grown into such a wonderful and lovely young lady that I am so proud of – please don’t ever change! Love you just the way you are!

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