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So in January, yes I’m aware of how long it’s been since January was here, Mazie decided she could just up and turn 13.  Just like that.  Overnight.  No warning, no asking, she just went and did it.

I’m still in denial…that’s why I haven’t blogged it.  It seems like if I put it up here, it’s real.  Nevermind the fact that it really is true and Mazie is actually a great teen.  Nevermind the fact that I don’t want it to be true even though it is.  I’m not ready.  But anyone who knows Mazie knows that it didn’t matter if I was ready or not.  She was doing it anyway.

So here you go.  All her birthday wonderfulness.  13 years.  Man, she’s old! 😉

We will start with her birth minute photo…

Copy (1) of IMG_0031

The littles got in the celebrating too.  They can’t give her all the attention…


We had a small party at the local trampoline place.  She invited a few friends and it was just perfect.


Her annual dad/daughter date.  They went to breakfast this year and then to see a movie.


So part of her turning into the teens, we decided to make it a bit more special for her and let her go to my hair salon.  The lady who does my hair was so excited to meet Mazie and get to know her.  Mazie was over the moon excited when I had made her appointment.  She was so tickled with the fact that she was pampered for an hour.  I almost cried when I saw her come around the corner.  I held it in, though and just smiled and how beautiful she is.


So there you have it.  It’s official.  Even if it was already all over facebook and instagram since January.  It’s officially official now that it’s been blogged.  Mazie’s 13 and still amazing.  We love you Mazie!

Ten On Tuesday

1.  Jeremiah’s birthday was fun.  We took him out to eat at his favorite restaurant, Olive Garden.  Then we came home and almost burned down the house with all the candles…


2.  I wasn’t sure if he was going to blow out all 37 candles but he sure did…without taking an extra breath and without needing oxygen!  IMG_0005

3.  I am very well aware that I am 5 weeks older than he is but if I don’t pick on him, who will? I love you, Jeremiah!

4.  Mazie’s was a bit more eventful.  Aren’t all the kids’ birthdays?  She decided to open her gifts in the afternoon…



5.  She insisted on her very favorite strawberry cake and ordered up a big one too.  She wanted it to be for all her friends here on base.  She invited them over and she made all the arrangements and I let her.  It was the least I could do since I didn’t want to face the fact that she was turning 12 ;-)!

6.  So when the neighbors arrived, we all sang Happy Birthday (Jacob was a little lively with his version) and she blew out all 12 candles in one big breath.


Then we cut the big cake (you can read the details here) and enjoyed some homemade vanilla bean ice cream with it.

7.  She requested homemade spaghetti noodles with meatballs for her birthday feast.  We were finishing up when the clock struck 5.39pm…


8.  Not sure how she is 12 already when I haven’t aged a day since I had her at age 25…

9.  Her annual birthday date with dad was this past weekend.  They went to see a movie (The Nut Job) and out to eat at Olive Garden.


10.  That’s all I have for today.  Happy Tuesday!

Mazie Monday

Mazie’s eleventh birthday went off without a hitch!  The girls started the day with manis/pedis while the boys searched for flowers for Dad’s date with Mazie.  With decorations and gifts ready to go…


IMG_0006Mazie was ready to do what any eleven year old wants to do on her birthday…text.  Since Mazie is only allowed to receive texts from people who are in her contact list, I worked a few days before hand to contact people who would totally surprise her with a text on her birthday.  She was so surprised at the amount of texts (and her new contacts) that she was in heaven for the better part of Saturday for this reason alone.

While she answered her many texts and calls, I finished her cake.  Normally she asks for strawberry cake with strawberry icing…the pinkest cake inside and out.  But this year she opted for chocolate cake with strawberry icing.  She still apparently needed her signature pink!


And since it was just the five of us celebrating Mazie, we went with the small 6 inch cake stacked high but Mazie still got her star…

IMG_0003Mazie actually struggled with deciding on what she wanted for her birthday dessert.  She asked if I would make her peanut butter fudge!  But then she realized that she wouldn’t get her star and decided on cake instead.  I’m so glad I started that tradition and they look forward to it.  I can see making stars for them when they are 20!

When Mazie’s thumbs fell off (kidding, they just went numb) from all the texting, she was ready to prepare for her big date.  She had her outfit already picked out but wanted me to style her hair.  So we went to it and then did a little eleven year old photo shoot.


IMG_0032This was quite possibly my most favorite photo of Mazie ever.  Funny that she finally gave me her smile only after she was laughing at herself for doing this…


That’s my Tween, people!

So it was time for the big date.  Dad rang the door bell and she answered it after a second to make sure her clothes where in place.  And was greeted with beautiful fuchsia tipped carnations.  Then they were off…


She chose Fargo’s for the date and even purchased her very first gum ball while there.  Oh didn’t you hear?  She gets her braces off at the end of the month!  First thing she wants to do is have a piece of gum.  I’m pretty sure her gum ball is going to be quite stale by then but it’s what it represents more than how it will taste.

They returned and she told me all about her wonderful date.  I really hope that never changes even when the date is someone other than Dad!  It was time for singing and cake…


IMG_0055Then presents…

IMG_0061Then finishing with skyping.  Technology is amazing, right?


I’d like to say that it gets easier.  Mazie getting older.  But it really doesn’t.  I mean, I think I handle it better but I still see her 2-year-old face when I talk to her sometimes.  Or hear her little 5-year-old wisdom.  Mazie’s all of a sudden a young lady as we get into these kind of scary years.  I just want her 2 again.  I think I will always want her to be 2.  I guess that’s just being a Mama.

Happy Birthday, Mazie Moo!  We love you always.

Mazie Monday

Mazie graduated from the 5th grade and is enjoying her summer before starting middle school.There I said it. It’s out there now making it very real. It’s taken me a while to come up with the words for this post.  It’s a milestone no one warns you about.  It creeps up on you and then you are it in the face with it. While I am extremely proud of Mazie for enjoying elementary school and doing so well in her classes, I was not prepared for the emotion of her going onto middle school.

On a beautiful May morning, Odyssey Elementary held a graduation ceremony for their nearly 90 5th graders.  The principal handed each student their certificate with came with a lovely photo of the student in a cap and gown in a leather cover.Each 5th grade teacher called their students up one at a time for their diplomas.  Mazie’s class was last, making them the “best class”.  Mazie was pretty proud of herself…The Mom, Dad, and Pop Pop-erazzi were pretty proud of her too.  Then the teachers went onto the awards.  They gave awards for the top students in each class who scored the highest scores in the Scantron testing for math, language arts, science, and reading.  We had no idea Mazie was receiving an award.  She found out and didn’t tell us.  She got the highest score in her class for language arts!I was so surprised and this is where I almost lost my control.  But I didn’t cry.  I was so proud of her as she was for herself.  Then they marched back out of the auditorium and went to the cafeteria for a little reception.

And that was the end.  She was officially finished with her elementary education.  And Mazie became an official 6th grader ready for middle school.Yep, that’s right…ready for middle school.

We are so very proud of you, Mazie Moo!

Mazie Monday

It’s been a while since I posted a Mazie Monday.  Seems right to do one about her big tenth birthday party!

So let’s begin, well, at the beginning.  Her banner was hung…and the cake was finished (more on the cake on the business site)Jacob and I surprised Mazie at school by showing up for lunch.  There were birthday calls and texts and lots of birthday presents sent from all over.  After school, we ordered pizza and waited for friends to arrive for our first slumber party!  We had time to get a photo of the birthday girl on her birth minute…When all the girls arrived, we popped in Megamind and had pizza and chatted (mostly chatted!)…There was a lot of chatting the whole night.  Loud chatting!  Who knew, ten 10-12-year old girls could sound like 100?  I have to take a second here to say that Jacob was in heaven.  He was the only single boy here and loved the attention from all the girls telling him how cute he was.  The girls were awesome about including him and Jamie in the fun.  I can’t be sure who was more excited about having a sleepover, Jacob or Mazie!

After pizza and a little time to play, we decided to do the cake and presents.  Everyone sang…

and watched patiently as Mazie opened her gifts.  Pop Pop even skyped from Pennsylvania to watch Mazie!After a lot more playing and another movie, it was time for bed.  I’m pretty sure it was close to 2am when the girls finally were quiet.  It was a pretty long night!  But they were awake early nonetheless and went right into playing again.  After the requested doughnuts for breakfast, the girls and Jacob had fun decorating their own cupcakes.  I think they did a pretty good job…All the girls had left by noon and Jeremiah and I raced to bed to recuperate.  Just kidding, our kids were still here! 😉  It was a good thing Jeremiah took off on Friday because he didn’t get much sleep either since he and Jacob had a little boys night in Jacob’s room.  Overall, the girls were well-behaved and enjoyed themselves.  However, I’m glad the next sleepover isn’t for another two years!

On Saturday, Jeremiah and Mazie went on their annual date.Mazie’s choice of restaurants was Zio’s and she had such a good time.  She wanted to dress up and asked if I would curl her hair.  I obliged without overly jumping up and down like a crazy woman!  It took about 30 minutes to do her hair and when we were done she was happy and even let me do a little 10-year-old photo shoot.

We survived the first 10 years.  It’s still hard to believe she’s ten.  As much as I’m dreading her getting even older, I can’t wait to see what the next few years bring.  I’m sure it’s going to be crazy and wonderful, just like the first 10!

Then and Now

Sometimes you take a picture and it triggers your memory of another photo that you or someone else may have taken in the past.  That’s what happened when I took this photo of Mazie yesterday with my iPhone using the instagram app.I just wanted a photo of myself with my big ten year-old girl.  Instead, what I got was a wonderful comparison of one of my favorite photos.  I took this photo of Mazie with a film camera (I know, do you even remember those?) when she a little  one year-old just before we moved from Ohio.I loved this photo the minute I looked at it after getting it back from Wal-Mart’s photo center!  The fact that I had no idea Mazie had her little tongue sticking out, the cutie-patootie little face, her expression, just to name a few.  It’s been my favorite photo of the two of us for 9 years.

The only thing that would have made the newer photo any better is if Mazie would have stuck her tongue out.  But I have to say that this new one is my new favorite of the two of us.  I love it because she was willing to take a picture with me, her beautiful face, her big smile (even though she has braces and isn’t too fond of showing them off), just to name a few.

As I struggle with her being 10 years old, I do look forward to all the birthdays and memories we have yet to share.  Happy Birthday, Mazie Moo.  Thank you for taking pictures with me.

More on her party will come soon!

Science Fair

Today after school, the parents of all the fourth and fifth graders were able to go into the school to view all the science fair projects.  It was so cool to see all the projects displayed throughout the gym.

And then we came upon Mazie’s project.  She was so proud to show it off among the others.  I know I’m a little partial but I thought hers looked so professional compared to some of the others.

She worked so hard on this project but had fun too.  Mazie said she presented it to her class today and it went well.  Tomorrow is the official judging.  Wish her luck!

Introducing the Marumar

Mazie had a music project a few weeks ago where she was instructed to create a new instrument from things we had here at home.  The more original, the more tones, the more creative the instrument, the higher the grade.

Well, for Mazie, it was about creating something like nothing she has ever seen which meant we never did either!

It is a guitar with rubber bands that make different tones.   It is a drum for a beat.  It has maracas, one filled with ditalini and the other filled with black-eyed peas (two different sounds belive it or not).  So the name came from all of those put together, naturally.  Mar (maracas) Um (drum) Ar (guitar).

She also had to do a presentation to the class about her instrument and play something if she could.  Her song choice?  Mary Had A Little Lamb.

She got a A for her creativity!  Aside from helping her actually attach everything together, it was her complete design.  If she didn’t need to be the boss all.the.time, maybe she could have a future in engineering.

Just One

Just one today of my newly 9-year-old.  This is taken in her birth minute of 5:39pm.  And she was squeaking tonight like she did when she was born!

Ok, one more to show how proud she is that she’s nine!

I love you, Mazie Moo.  I hope you day was as special for you as it was to me!

Mazie Monday

Mazie’s robotics team had their competition this past weekend at UCCS.  It was so amazing.  There were a total of 40 teams registered.  38 competed.  Check out what the Odyssey STEM cells had for their getups…

They made hats with bubble wrap and legos.  They were pretty neat.

This is the team presenting their research to the judges…

They also had a technical interview where they showed the different things their robot could do.  I wasn’t allowed to be in that part so there are no pictures for that.  Then there was practicing.  They had three separate practice competitions in the morning…

There were three official competitions after lunch.

It really was nail biting, let me tell you!

After the individual team competitions, the judges put the teams into groups.  Three teams joined together and competed as one team.  The team our team was apart of was called Alliance 6. 

There were 13 alliance teams with three levels of competition.

There was also a little time to let off some steam.  The announcer for the day decided to lead the kids (and some coaches) in a little YMCA dancing.

Then it was onto the awards.  Mazie’s team was ranked 13th (out of 38) for the individual team competition.  Their Alliance team ranked 3rd of the 13 competing!  They didn’t advance to the next level of competition but they did a great job.  They were one of the youngest teams.  Most of the teams were mostly middle school aged kids!  So each of the teams received medals for just participating.  Here is Mazie running by the judges, giving high fives, to get her medal…

Mazie was completely exhausted by the end of the day but so happy that she was apart of it.  It was an amazing day!

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