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This month is turning out to be crazier than last month!  So here are a few of the things we’ve been busy with over the last few weeks.  First, Landsharks.  Jamie and Jacob ran the track series this year.  They had a blast!

Jacob ran the 400 meter.  I asked him why he kept turning his head when he passed someone.  He told me he said, “Sorry I passed you.” So every time he passes another kid, he apologized.  I told him he didn’t have to do that next time.  Here he is coming around the last corner…


and then to the finish.  His only goal was to not be last and he wasn’t!


Jamie was going to run the mile but fell on the track during warm ups and skinned her knee pretty badly.  So instead she ran the 800.  She was happy doing this distance.  Here she is running her first lap…


and then coming in to finish.  Again she just didn’t want to be last and she wasn’t.  Coach even finished it with her for support…


Their second meet was sprint night.  Jacob and Jamie were running at the same time but in different distances and there was no way to get pictures of both.  They had a blast with Landsharks.  I hope we can do something like it when we move!

Next up, music.  First Mazie had her final band concert.  I am so impressed with the band.  The woodwinds practice at a different time than the brass/drums.  They only play together on the concert night.  They really sounded good!  The sixth graders setting up their stands and music and Mazie notices that my camera is shooting…


With the them from StarWars, Eric Clapton’s Tears in Heaven, and Deep Purple’s Smoke on the Water on the program, it was really something to see and hear.

Jamie also had a concert.  Her final choir concert was amazing.  We were jammin’ out to Bon Jovi’s It’s My Life and songs from the ’80s like We Are The World.  Jamie has really enjoyed choir.  These kids sang their hearts out and had a blast doing so.



You can really tell when a teacher enjoys his/her job.  The kids enjoy learning more from that teacher.  I know Mazie and Jamie have done better in school because of these teachers.

Lastly, SkySox.  While the event wasn’t the actual baseball game, it did take place at a SkySox game.  Jeremiah’s Group One going away party was fun.  We walked to the SkySox game and had dinner with the other AOCs/AMTs of Squadrons 1-10.  With 5 AOCs and the Group commander leaving, they decided to do a low-key type going away.   Each AOC received a guidon from their squadron from the group…


Jeremiah also received a gift from his AMT, Mason.  A straight jacket so he doesn’t forget that they have had dealings with all the mental facilities in Denver and Colorado Springs!  It’s a pretty cool gift…


And don’t think that this means we are slowing down.  There are lots more things going on the rest of this month and we were at a very special wedding last weekend but that needs its own post.  So until next time…

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