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Last Day of School

Since we’ve been out of school for a whole week, it seems like it’s time to post the first day/last day of school pictures.  I’m happy that it’s not the beginning of the next school year already.  A week is good!  Although we are starting to get bored.  It’s been nice outside so the kids have been having fun with their water trampoline but you can only be in the water for so long before that gets old.  Good thing we have a road trip planned for this week!

Mazie, the new high schooler, is so excited about 9th grade. I think it’s funny she is wearing the same color.  I’m not liking how mature she, seemingly all of a sudden, looks.


Jamie, the new middle schooler, is also excited about 6th grade.  Again, too mature…


Jacob, the new 3rd grader, can’t wait to see who his teacher is.  Don’t get me started on his comparison…


The kids had a fabulous school year.  Here’s to a fun summer, not waking up too early, being exhausted from all the fun and sun, and simply relaxing for the summer (with a trip or two here and there).  Happy Summer Break!

End Of Summer/Back To School 2014

So the kids were in Pennsylvania for almost 2 weeks this summer without us parents.  They were so excited about the whole trip.  Mostly because Jacob came up with the whole trip being named “Camp No Rules”.

Here are some pictures from Pop Pop’s camera of things they did in PA…









Fun was had all over PA.  They went to Gettysburg, Knoeble’s amusement park, Hershey’s chocolate factory, Penns Cave, Color Me Mine.  They also had great fun with Stahr Mam and Pappy John but I haven’t gotten any pictures from that part.  They had fun seeing all the family and just hanging without us interfering.  Those pictures above are in no particular order.  Those were just the few I picked from a cd that had way too many to post.  I also have no pictures from their time with Gramma (what’s up with that, Mom?).

And this one is just ’cause I love my baby brother so, so much.  The picture was begging to be posted…



While that doesn’t show their whole trip, just know they are still talking about being in Pennsylvania.  They really enjoyed their trip!

Pinterest has been fun for us this summer.  This is one of the activities I took pictures of.  We did the ivory soap experiment.  We put a bar of ivory soap (I’ve read this does not work with other bars of soap) on a plate and popped it in the microwave…



Then we started the microwave for 2 minutes.  At 40 second down, the soap started to expand and continued for the rest of the time…


When the time was up, we let it cool to touch.  The kids were surprised by the way it felt.  It looked fluffy and light but kind of crumbled to the touch.  It was smooth like soap should be and they could pack it back together but they couldn’t form anything other than solid shapes.


It was pretty could to see.  Not really worth buying a pack of 8 bars to use one for this experiment but it’s soap.  It will be used up.  Plus the whole kitchen smelled of ivory soap for the rest of the day.

First day of school…Two weeks ago!  I can’t believe school has been in session for 2 weeks already.  The kids are loving this year so far.  After registering Mazie for 8th grade about 3 weeks ago, she was so ready to start school.  I can’t believe she is in her last year of middle school!


After reading her bio on the school’s website, Jamie was so excited to meet her 5th grade teacher this year.  Plus she had just recently updated her eyeglasses so she was ready to show them off…


Jacob was a little hesitant about starting 2nd grade until back to school night a few days before school started.  He met his teacher and quickly knew it was going to be a good year.  The fact that she happened to be pretty had nothing to do with it. 😉


So looking at these pictures, I’m left wondering how my kids got so old.  It’s a mystery to me, really!


Ok, that’s better.  Now I can claim these kids! 🙂


Big Round Up

Hi, my name is Megan.  I’m an avid procrastinator of this blog.  Sorry for the absence to anyone who actually reads this thing.  I actually have a really good excuse for some of the procrastination.  I’ve been waiting on the pictures from Jeremiah’s promotion ceremony to be downloaded from his office’s camera and they just keep lending out the camera before it gets done.  So we will skip it and return with that when I get those pictures.

1.  Anyway,  Jamie’s actual birthday was fun.  She was overwhelmed with all the gifts and love from our family around the country.  She felt very blessed to have so many people think of her on her big day.  So now (over a month later) she’s a whole decade old but nothing has changed otherwise.  She’s still a sweet, sensitive, caring young lady who thinks of others *usually* before herself.



2.  Pop Pop visited for a couple of weeks.  He was here for all the big festivities…Jamie’s big 10, Jeremiah’s promotion, support while I was baking like a crazy woman for the whole thing, etc.  Seriously he planned his trip perfectly and I was able to keep what sanity I have because he helped me so.  As a treat, we took him to the Hogle Zoo, our first time there too.


We were a bit disappointed that the giraffes were unable to be viewed since the exhibit was being renovated but we will go back to see it once it’s open.  We were happy to see the primates, however.  I mean, really, the kids like seeing their own kind 😉



3.  Mother’s Day weekend was super fun for us.  We drove all the way to California!  As soon as we left Utah, Arizona was amazing and the view was breathtaking.  It took us about 10 hours to Anaheim and we were so happy to be out of the car!

After a good night’s sleep, we headed to the one place we’ve missed almost as much as our friend…Disneyland and California Adventure, of course. IMG_0001


After waiting in line to wait in line (Jeremiah waited in the fast pass line for the new Cars ride just so we could wait in the shorter line for the actual ride), we headed for a few rides in California Adventure (and I snapped pictures).



Radiator Springs was simply amazing.  Like just out of the Cars movie, amazing.  The Disney peeps really pulled it out for this renovation.  It was something to see.  And the ride we waited in line to wait in the shorter line was worth the wait.  Even I rode the ride!





After a quick lunch and our fill of California Adventure, we headed over to Disneyland.  This place holds so many memories for us.  Like the first time Mazie met Cinderella and she walked Mazie across the park.  Or the time Jamie told Winnie the Pooh that she was potty trained.  We couldn’t possibly skip it while in California.  So we picked a few of our favorite Disney things and crammed them into the afternoon and were pretty satisfied with our Disney experience by the end of the day.  The girls insisted on Autopia for one of our must dos.  Mazie was tall enough to ride by herself (not well but still by herself).  On a side note, it’s a good thing we have 4 years until she is able to actually drive for real.


And Jamie was able to drive if I pressed the pedal.  Fine with me because I could stop us, if needed…


Then I decided to just enjoy walking around with my family and taking in all the things at Disneyland.  I did take a few pictures of the parade which is always a must when we are there…


After getting dinner in Downtown Disney, we headed back to the hotel and passed out.  The next day, we played in the pool at the hotel and did homework that was due when we returned home, just relaxed.  The kids were in a wedding this weekend so we went to the rehearsal.  We found out then that Jacob was actually carrying the real wedding rings on his pillow.  So I had to tell him we was really the most important person (besides the bride and groom, of course) and he had to be so so careful with his pillow.  We were so worried about that part that we may have forgotten to tell the kids that they were going to have to stand for the whole ceremony.  Luckily, the bride and groom kept the ceremony short and sweet (like ours 15 years ago!) that they didn’t seem to notice!  But more on the wedding in a minute…

4.  We got up early one morning to make the 45 minute trek to Redondo Beach to meet up with the Laughreys, the Pikes, and the Shertzers for breakfast.  It was so great to see everyone and catch up (as much catching up as you can do in an hour).  We are a good lookin’ bunch, donchathink? (This picture is minus Wally who was snapping the picture and Cory-I’m not sure where he happened to disappear to).


5.  Now onto the wedding.  So we drove back to Anaheim with just enough time to get ready (girls needed hair curled) and head to the church.  Jacob was so handsome in his little suit and was so proud to be wearing it.  He was honored when they asked if he would “be in charge of the rings”.  He did such a great job.IMG_0058


my handsome men 🙂

and one with me and my little man


The girls were beautiful, of course, in their matching dresses and with pretty bouquets.  They, too, were honored when Erin and Tony asked if they would be in the wedding.  They walked behind Jacob down the aisle to the altar and Jacob escorted Jamie back down the aisle at the end of the ceremony.

photo 1 (1)

photo 2 (1)

These were taken after the ceremony while we were waiting on the bride and groom to make their getaway.




We made our way to the reception and the kids were so excited that they did so well.  They were proud of themselves but not prouder than I was.  I think every person at the ceremony came up to complement us on the kids.  It was nice to hear.

The bridal party was introduced with a little bio.  The kids were first and I was a little late catching all of Mazie’s bio.  But Jamie’s bio and Jacob’s bio were in full.  They were all well done and the kids loved it!  Congratulations Tony and Erin! We wish you many, many years of wedding bliss!!

6.  So we get up super early the next day to drive all the way back to Utah.  It was depressing.  We had such a beautiful scenic drive until we got to Utah.  The Valley of Doom and Gloom.  Seriously.  It literally was snowing many inches of snow.  On Mother’s Day.  We had to slow to a crawl and sometimes a stop on the pass.  There were many accidents and, of course, everyone had to pee and no rest stops in sight.  When we were able to stop at a rest stop (in flip-flops in snow), we overheard a trucker tell someone on his phone that he wasn’t going to make his delivery because they closed the pass.  Thank Goodness we left when we did and did not get stuck there.  We were able to make it home (an extra 1 1/2 hours of driving).  This was my mother’s day…

photo (1)

I’m one blessed Mama with these three in my life (and, of course, my wonderful husband who made it possible for me to be called Mom).

7.  So being back in Utah with three weeks left of the school year, the weeks went fast.  All of a sudden, the kids had field trips and field day and projects due and all the end of the year festivities.  Mazie had one final band concert (at least at this school).  I am so impressed with these kids.  The band teacher is kind of flaky and they had to kind of pick it up on their own.  They worked hard and it showed.


Mazie has officially started private lessons with a teacher close to the base.  When she had a trial lesson last week, I was taken back by how much the instructor reminded me of my old elementary band teacher, Mr. Bowman.  Anyone remember him?  He was crazy and awesome and everything a band teacher should be.  He set the standard for what we were to expect from our instructors.  Our high school band teacher fit the bill as well.  We were blessed to have great instructors and I can’t wait to hear her improvement over the next few weeks.  Mazie is super excited about this instructor as they have similar personalities.  Being excited about music warms my heart!

8.  So the end of the year just showed up whether we were ready for it or not.  The last day of school pictures…






So with that we now have a 2nd, 5th, and 8th grader in the house.  *sigh*  You can see the first day of school here.

That’s that for now.  Hopefully, sometime soon, I can get the pictures from Jeremiah’s promotion and put them up here for all to see.  And maybe I can see if there were any photos taken of us at the dining out last week.  Who knows?  Maybe I will actually start blogging regularly.  It’s possible, not likely, but possible. 😉

Ten on Tuesday

1.  Easter was pretty laid back here.  Pretty uneventful which is just the way we like it.  The kids searched for eggs…in their jammies…




2.  That’s just how we egg-rolled this year.  (sorry, I couldn’t resist)

3.  Pop Pop arrived and it’s been non-stop since.  If you are friends with me on facebook or follow me on twitter, you know there was a lot going on this weekend.

4.  Jamie’s birthday party was this weekend.  We celebrated her 10th (*sigh*) birthday at Color Me Mine in Ogden.  We had a grand time.  The one serious picture I took and Jamie’s eyes were closed…


so we took a silly one too…


5.  The kids colored their pieces and then they were sent to the back to get glazed and baked.  Then they enjoyed birthday cake with Olaf on top…


6.  I’m still at a loss because tonight, on her birthday eve, I have no idea how this…

Jamie Bo

and this…


and this…


turn into this…


7.  Jamie and Jeremiah went on their annual date too.  They went to see Rio 2 (which Jamie highly recommends) and to eat at Olive Garden.  She told us when she arrived home that there was no way she was going to fit into her wedding dress next week if she didn’t stop eating!

8.  Today was a fun day for our family.  The kids stayed home from school so they wouldn’t be late for Jeremiah’s promotion ceremony.  Since his promotion to Lt. Col is official May 1, he just couldn’t take away from Jamie’s birthday tomorrow so he decided to take off tomorrow and do the ceremony today.  The kids loved putting on his new rank and were so proud of dad.  Pictures to come since I didn’t pick up my camera during the ceremony.   Hopefully the photographer there got some good ones.

9.  So tomorrow we have 2 tweens in the house and a newly promoted Lt. Col.  Big changes going on around here.

10.  That is all for now.  I have to update the Stahrs Cakes blog and hope to do it soon.  Stay tuned!

Happy Tuesday!

Ten On Tuesday

1.  Quarter Update:  The quarter has passed.  Jacob had another x-ray yesterday to see where it was and it was no longer there.  I didn’t realize how much I was holding my breath over the last two weeks until we were told there was no more quarter.  I definitely felt lighter today!

2.  Mazie was named Student of the Month for her CTE class.  She was pretty happy about that good news.

3.  Parent/Teacher conferences are this week.

4.  We had Flat Stanley visiting us last week.  We took him to the Natural History Museum of Utah.  He seemed to have fun. 😉

5.  Mazie gets to go to that same museum for a field trip on Friday.  She’s excited since she knows her way around now.

6.  Jacob is doing a basketball camp at school.  For the next few Wednesdays, he gets to stay after school to learn some skills.  He’s pretty excited.

7.  All three kids got all As on their report card for last quarter.  I’m pretty proud of those smarties!

8.  Jamie’s big 10th birthday is in three weeks. *sigh*  She is having a party at Color Me Mine and a “Frozen” themed cake.

9.  Jeremiah’s big promotion is in three weeks as well.  Lots of parties going on here…

10.  It was just glorious outside today.  I had the windows open all day and just aired out all the stale air.  It was so nice.  I’ve been so ready for Spring to be Spring.

Happy Tuesday!

Ten On Tuesday

1.  I bought a new scale last week.  The one we replaced was the old-fashioned kind where it would bounce back and forth until landing on the weight.  The new scale is digital and apparently pretty accurate.  It told me I was 14 pounds heavier than my old scale did.  I checked it with 3 other scales.  The new one is right, unfortunately.  So more motivation, right?

2.  I’ve been working out with a group of ladies for about 3 weeks.  They are teaching me how to use the machines at the gym and what weights to use and what exercises to do.  It’s been fun.  Excruciatingly painful, but fun! 😉

3.  Jacob had a field trip to McDonald’s today.  They were given lunch and a tour of the place.  The point was for the kids to see the finance part of a restaurant and see how money works in a place like that.  He said his favorite thing about the trip was playing at the play place.  He did tell me all about the kitchen, fridge, and freezer and was excited about watching them make french fries.  So there’s hope that he got something out of it that was beneficial.

4.  Jamie had a field trip to Snow Basin on Friday.  She was given a choice to snowboard or ski.  She chose snowboarding.  When she came home, she announced that snowboarding is a spectator sport for her and then pulled up her bangs to show me why.  The side of her forehead decided to try to break up a bit of snow.  The snow won.  She still has a bit of a brush-burn-type bruise but otherwise is just fine.

5.  Speaking of field trips, Jeremiah is going to Snow Basin on Friday…to snowboard for the first time.  He’s been skiing a few times but never snowboarding.  Hopefully he will come home with no broken pieces.

6.  Mazie has a HighMarket day on Thursday.  The junior high kids get into groups and make a product.  Then they set up a table and sell their goods.  Kind of like a craft fair.  Her group made bracelets and things out of duct tape.  She’s really excited about it.  It should be fun to see what the other groups are doing and how it all works out.

7.  Tonight after supper, Jamie and Jacob were riding bikes in the sun.  Then it started to snow.  Just a quick squall that didn’t amount to anything but they were bummed since they had to come inside.

8.  Jacob turns 7 one week from tomorrow.  Time is going way too fast for this Mama.

9.  Jamie came home from school yesterday in tears.  Big crocodile tears streaming down her face.  It took me a good 10 minutes to calm her down enough to tell me what was wrong.  Her teacher is no longer her teacher for personal reasons.  I am sure it was an extremely tough decision for her to make.  She is a great teacher and Jamie adores her.  So yesterday was rough for Jamie (as I’m sure for her teacher and other students).  This made me think of all the great teachers we have had up to this point.  My kids have been blessed with some spectacular teachers in their lives.  This means that we’ve been blessed as parents because these terrific teachers have made learning fun and interesting for my kids.  So thank you to all the great teachers out there who care enough to make learning awesome!

10.  I love my husband.  This is not new news.  Just something I wanted to share.

On that note, Happy Tuesday!

Ten On Tuesday

1.  Jeremiah’s birthday was fun.  We took him out to eat at his favorite restaurant, Olive Garden.  Then we came home and almost burned down the house with all the candles…


2.  I wasn’t sure if he was going to blow out all 37 candles but he sure did…without taking an extra breath and without needing oxygen!  IMG_0005

3.  I am very well aware that I am 5 weeks older than he is but if I don’t pick on him, who will? I love you, Jeremiah!

4.  Mazie’s was a bit more eventful.  Aren’t all the kids’ birthdays?  She decided to open her gifts in the afternoon…



5.  She insisted on her very favorite strawberry cake and ordered up a big one too.  She wanted it to be for all her friends here on base.  She invited them over and she made all the arrangements and I let her.  It was the least I could do since I didn’t want to face the fact that she was turning 12 ;-)!

6.  So when the neighbors arrived, we all sang Happy Birthday (Jacob was a little lively with his version) and she blew out all 12 candles in one big breath.


Then we cut the big cake (you can read the details here) and enjoyed some homemade vanilla bean ice cream with it.

7.  She requested homemade spaghetti noodles with meatballs for her birthday feast.  We were finishing up when the clock struck 5.39pm…


8.  Not sure how she is 12 already when I haven’t aged a day since I had her at age 25…

9.  Her annual birthday date with dad was this past weekend.  They went to see a movie (The Nut Job) and out to eat at Olive Garden.


10.  That’s all I have for today.  Happy Tuesday!

Pumpkin Patch

We took the kids to a local pumpkin patch a few weekends ago.  We went to Black Island Farms and we had a blast.

IMG_0012There were so many things to see and do.  There was a little petting zoo with all kinds of farm animals.  There were little pot belly pig races.  The kids thought those were cute.  There were all kinds of slides and things for the kids to climb all over and huge corn mazes…


Copy (1) of IMG_0005

IMG_0033Jacob really wanted to take this pumpkin home with us.  We convinced him to get on the tractor with us to go to the field so he could pick out an even better one…


He agreed and I even got a smooch out of it!


The kids got really excited when our driver told us we were the first to have our pick of this field.  They couldn’t wait to find their perfect pumpkins!



Jeremiah may have been excited about it too.


When the kids picked their perfect pumpkins, they loaded the tractor and we headed back to the parking lot, content with our pickings…


And I was pretty happy with the view…

IMG_0015 copy

Back To School

After 3 extra weeks of summer vacation, the kids headed back to school today.  New school, new teachers.  They were so very excited.  After the kids were awake, fed, and ready to go to school, we took the “back to school” pictures like every year.

Mazie…the big 7th grader…how does that happen?  Someone please enlighten me…



She was mostly excited about having her own locker that works when she opens it.  She was instructed by 2 different teachers that backpacks were not allowed in the classroom during class.  So she was happy that she could work her locker.  She was also pretty excited about Honors Math.  Overall, she had a “great” day and can’t wait until they are onto learning in the classes instead of the intro stuff!

Jamie…the 4th grader…



As you know, Jamie is our shy one.  She was really nervous about school today.  We had met her teacher on Friday which helped but since she didn’t know any of the kids in her class she was still pretty nervous.  After meeting her teacher and realizing that she was Jamie in 20 years (not even kidding on this one), I relaxed a bit knowing Jamie would be in good hands.  She even mentioned that she was just like Jamie, very timid, not speaking unless she knew she was correct, etc.  Jamie came home saying school was “great” today.  Again, knowing Jamie, you know that means it was better than she could have hoped for.  She is really looking forward to a great year!

And Jacob…the big 1st grader…



He was so excited to be in a “number” year (not K for kindergarten).  He was looking forward to meeting new friends.  When he came home today, he said school was “great” and told us that he met 2 new friends.  I asked their names and he said, “Emma and Keira”.  Of course, they were girls.  Why did I think differently?  He was also very excited that he ate lunch at the at the same time as Jamie.  That was pretty cool to find out!

So three “greats” on the first day.  I guess I can’t complain.  It was a great day for me too.  Jeremiah was able to take the day off and spend it with me which meant that I wasn’t sitting here at home blubbering like an idiot until I went to pick up the kids.  We also got in on the photo action (thanks to ideas on facebook and pinterest).  Dad sweeping the kids off to school…


Mom jumping for joy that school is back in session…(and yes, I am actually off the ground)…Jacob couldn’t figure out what I was doing behind him but was told to look at the camera no matter what…which explains his weird face…


This one was Jacob’s idea.  He said he saw it on Animaniac but he was all about taking the picture so I went with it…IMG_0026

With the middle school on top level of the school, all three kids start and stop at the same time.  So less driving to drop off/pick up for me!  I am also excited about the smaller class sizes and more attention to the kids.  I think this school is going to be a good fit for us!

Summer Round Up

So I figured with school starting next week, I should probably update the blog.  Honestly, we’ve just been enjoying the summer and each other.  That’s my only excuse for not blogging.  It’s just one thing that didn’t happen because I was having fun with the family.

Anyway, the kids had swim lessons and we discovered a really cool park and duck pond that was near the pool.  We’ve already played there many times and have had a family picnic there.  And we are doing it again this weekend!


See the babies?  They would completely dunk themselves under the water and pop up in some other spot.  I had never seen a duck or duckling do that before.  The kids thought it was pretty hilarious.




So the kids can officially swim and we celebrated by going to a local water park for an afternoon.  Yes, that’s right, I walked around a water park (for the second time this summer) in a bathing suit all day long.  There was a water slide that I was coerced into doing.  I did it once and not again.  There were a few pools and the lazy river to float.  The kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves for the day.  Jeremiah and I couldn’t stop laughing at how they played in the water.

This is what the furry kids have been doing this summer.  Trying to stay cool with all this heat and humidity…



I really have no idea why Max looks like she has been put in the corner but that’s kind of her spot.  And Sadie is just a weird dog.  I think the walls must be cool to her.  They love the neighbor dogs and usually end up winning the barking matches they have outside.  At least it’s during the day and not early in the morning or late at night when they have to “talk” loudly with each other!

I started chore charts after we moved here.  Each kid has their own chart and is assigned various chores per day.  One is helping with supper.  Jacob was helping me make Susie’s Tacos one night and decided that he better put his apron on because they are “so messy”.

Copy (1) of IMG_0004

Good thing too, since he’s a messy cook like his mama…

Copy (1) of IMG_0005

And we apparently needed a little Mexican music to go with all the cooking…


Here is a picture of Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake from our back yard.  It looks better in person, if anyone wants to visit…


The kids have been enjoying games of Ladderball with dad.  It’s kind of funny to watch the kids “adjust” their tossing distances…



We’ve also been spending a lot of time just playing with the neighbor kids.  I had 12 kids on my porch one afternoon playing with Legos and Barbies.  They ranged in age from 2 years to 12 years and only 3 were boys!  The kids had fun and I just enjoyed listening to their little conversations.  A lot of nights, we get a nice breeze after supper and it is nice to sit on the porch and watch the kids ride their bikes or scooters.  Jeremiah and I get to catch up with each other on our days and the kids wear themselves out by playing.  It’s a win/win situation!

And, if you follow me on Facebook, you will know that we are officially training wheel free here in the Stahr house.  Jacob took Mazie’s old Strawberry shortcake bike for a couple of spins last week…



He just kind of hopped on (with a little help from dad) and just went.  He realized after a few trips around our little side of the block that he was riding a girly bike and got off.  Dad surprised him by taking off the training wheels that were on his boy bike the next night and he’s been going ever since…



So while my Mommy heart breaks that my kids are growing way too fast, I’m so proud of my boy who decided he just didn’t need the extra help anymore.  The training wheels were really the last “little kid” thing we had around here.  *sigh*

I have to say that I am so very excited for this school year.  We went to a registration night at the new school last week.  Mazie got her schedule and locker number and combination.  She’s happy that she knows 2 people in her first period class already.  And that she gets to make pajama bottoms in home ec (or whatever they are calling that class these days).  Jamie has a brand new teacher and will meet her on Friday!  And if you know Jamie, you know she’s happy about meeting her teacher before Monday.  Jacob hasn’t met his teacher yet but is super excited about first grade.  He just thinks it’s going to be a magical year!  I hope he’s right.  I’m just happy that they are all in the same building and they all start and end their day together.  They have a little meeting spot (decided mutually by the three of them) where they will meet and come to the car after school.  I’m also really excited about the smaller class sizes.  I think it will be better all the way around.  But more on school next week!

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