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Ten On Tuesday

1.  While in Pennsylvania in May, I took some pictures of my nephew and his wife.  I was so excited with how they turned out.  I wanted to wait until they were able to see them before posting some here.  Here are a few of my faves…

IMG_0003Kelsey has a gorgeous smile (and everything else is gorgeous too but you can’t help but smile when she smiles).  And then there’s Jonathon.  He’s my oldest nephew.  I’m pretty proud to say that he is my nephew and that he married such a great lady.  I’m not even sure what they were laughing at in this next picture but it makes my heart swell to see it…IMG_0007They had some inside joke, just between the two of them.  It reminds me of Jeremiah and I.  Every time he wants to make me smile or laugh, he knows just what to say.  No one else would think his joke is funny but me and that’s the funny part.  It’s our little secret.  IMG_0020I told Jonathon to pick Kelsey up and kiss her.  He didn’t even hesitate.  And he did it with such ease, of course.  I tried not to puke in my mouth from all the love…hard for an Auntie to watch…IMG_0024But they do love each other.  Very much.  It’s nice to see how much they adore each other.  Thanks for letting me take some pictures of you two!

2.  Ring dance was last week.  It was my third time going to it.  Jeremiah had it easy.  He gets to wear the same thing and he still looks handsome.  I ordered a dress on Amazon and when it arrived, it was not the correct size.  So I sent it back and had to scramble to find another.  And since I had to scramble, I had to go with a dress that was way out of my comfort zone.  But I guess it’s not too bad for almost 14 years of marriage and 15 years from the original ring dance…


Thanks for watching the kids for us again, Dad.  I know they had fun!

3.  Jeremiah had his change of command ceremony last week.


I think we did a collective sigh when it was over.  No more “buzz, buzz” from the blackberry in the middle of the night.  YAY!

4.  This is what you do after giving back command…


It was well-earned.

5.  Jacob had a playdate with his little girlfriend to say goodbye…


I love that he blushed for the picture.

6.  The girls had their besties over today.  No pictures for the cool kids apparently.  I mean, really, what tween will let their parent take a picture?  And what 9-year-old doesn’t follow their big sister?

7.  We did get to relax from all the packing.  We did a few ‘smores over the fire pit…


I’m so glad my kids are still fond of each other.

8.  Sunday we started to pack the things we are moving ourselves.  It broke my heart to pull down all the pictures.  Those who have been here know I proudly display my family/friends and there were a lot of pictures.  Jeremiah spent most of today loading the Uhaul.  It’s almost full and we still have things to put in there.  I hope we do not exceed the weight limit!

9.  The kids helped a little throughout the last few days putting things into boxes and getting this ready for movers to handle.  Jacob was saying “see ya later” to some of his friends…


10.  The movers arrive tomorrow with 5 people to pack our things.  We were allotted 2 days for the packing and one day to load the truck to pull it out.  But the lady who scheduled us said they would probably be finished packing our things in one day.  Friday they drive away.  *sigh*

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