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Ten on Tuesday

1.  It’s officially Fall.  My very favoritest season.  I love the cooler weather, the colors, football, baking, all of it.

2.  Today was picture day for the kids at school.  I took my own.  Just can’t see paying those crazy prices for the ones at school with the drab background and same pose for each kid.  We did serious pictures first…




3.  Jacob then begged to do his own pose…


and the girls went with it too…



4.  Yesterday was interesting for us.  Right after going through the gate to come back on base from picking up the kids plus 2 friends from school, a dump truck hit me.  I was turning and had the right-of-way.  The other driver didn’t seem to know where he was going and was following another driver.  He didn’t stop where he was supposed to and ran right into the back of the Durango.  After checking all five kids to make sure they were ok, I got out of the car and yelled and the guy, “Why didn’t you stop?”  I felt bad after I got my wits about me.

5.  The car is drivable but we have to take it to get the back tire and dents fixed up.  We’ve had it for 12 years and this was our first incident with it.  Needless to say, the dump truck was unharmed.  He did stand a bit taller than my Durango.

6.  I may have had to have a little wine to calm my nerves after supper.  I just couldn’t stop shaking and that did seem to help.  Although I couldn’t seem to sleep much last night.

7.  We are supposed to dip into the 50s for highs over the next few days.  Refer back to #1.  I love the cooler weather!  That’s snuggling weather.

8.  We are taking the kids to the circus on Sunday.  I’ve never been to the circus.  The kids have no idea.  It should be a nice treat.

9.  Mazie’s Literary Arts teacher sent out an email regarding a book signing for the Michael Vey series.  The third book was just released and the author is from Salt Lake City.  We are going to the signing at Costco on Saturday.  Mazie is kind of excited about meeting an author.

10.  That’s all I have for this week.  Happy Tuesday!

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One thought on “Ten on Tuesday

  1. great pictures of the kids. and Jacob wearing buttons??? he must me getting used to them. happy fall! and glad everyone is alright.

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