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10 on Tuesday on Wednesday

This was supposed to be a 10 on Tuesday but now it’s Wednesday and we’ll just go with it.  Ok?  Great!

1.  The girls had a mini cheer camp a few weeks ago.  They practice short dance routines and a cheer or two and then performed at one of the boys basketball games.  It was quite fun to watch.  Jamie surprised me most by being able to do a Herkie jump.  Trust me, she jumps a little like her mama so I wasn’t really expecting her to get off the ground but she did it and was so pleased.  This isn’t a great picture but you can see her doing it nonetheless.



2.  Mazie was a natural.  I mean, really, did you think otherwise.  Big mouth, lots of energy, bouncy…



Seriously, the girls had fun and Mazie has decided that she wants to try out for the cheerleading squad in the Spring.  I guess the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree. 😉

3.  I cleaned out my way of eating one month ago by following the Paleo or Caveman way of eating.  Basically, if the cavemen didn’t eat it, I don’t either.   I am sugar, dairy, and grain free and feel great!  I eat lots of veggies, fruits, and meats.  I have never had this much energy, ever.  Quite frankly, I was tired of being so tired all the time.  So it’s been great and I look forward to finding more recipes to enjoy!

4.  Since I started that by the way, I have lost 6 pounds and 12 inches total off of my body.  Four inches just off my hips…yep, the saddle bags are leaving…because I have had so much energy, I’ve been able to make it through insanity workout and running as well.  Jeremiah has been meeting me at the gym to run on the track when it’s too cold or rainy outside.

5.  Jeremiah had an office olympics at work today.  I really wish I could have seen some of those uniformed officers competing with the hula hoop.  Jeremiah’s group, known as the misfits, won 3 gold medals and a bronze medal.  I’m not really sure that constitutes work these days but it was a nice break from their normal routine.

6.  Mazie and I registered her for her 8th grade classes yesterday.  I had to go into one of her classes to help her fill out her form.  The counselor seriously has no clue how to be a counselor in my opinion.  Mazie had clearly marked her electives by number (#1, #2, #3, etc) and the counselor asked her which was her first choice.  I was ready to smack her since I wasn’t her biggest fan after dealing with her about the whole band situation (if you follow me on facebook you will understand where I’m coming from).  Mazie simply said, “I already marked them in the order I would like them to be.” The counselor mumbled under her breath that the choices that were on the paper were going to be picked first and not her write ins.  Mama Bear may have appeared out a little and snapped that she already couldn’t choose Band I or II (which was already on the form and not a write in) because the school isn’t offering Band II and she wrote what she wants instead.  I swear I said it as calmly as I could and the counselor proceeded to make a note on the form to make sure Mazie would get what she asked for.   I gave Mazie a hug and kiss and left her to the rest of her class.  I really don’t like when Mama Bear has to come out.  It doesn’t happen often and it typically involves someone being stupid.  I really hated out flippant the counselor seemed to be about the whole situation.

7.  Jamie and Jacob both have Valentine’s parties on Friday.  They worked really hard on their Valentines cards to their friends.  Jeremiah and I are going out on Saturday since we have a really cool (read FREE) live in babysitter! Thanks Mazie.  On Sunday, Jeremiah and Jacob are having a Man Day and going to the city to see the Monster Truck Jam.  Meanwhile the girls are going to Target to spend money. 🙂

8.  Jacob fell yesterday.  It was quite funny actually.  He just tripped over his own two feet and landed flat on his face.  No bruises or anything to complain about but the kid would not stop crying.  His pride was wounded way too much since he did it in front of his pretty little sisters.  Dad and I happened to be there too.  So I snuggled with him for a good 10 minutes on the big chair.  Just him and me.  It was so nice even if he was upset.  Hey Jacob, you can fall anytime you want to…I’ll be here.

9.  So we’ve been watching the olympics.  They’ve been entertaining.  Jacob is seriously irritated with the “backwards” commercials.  You know, the commercials that start with the olympic athlete and go back to when they were barely walking and on skates or skis.  Every time one comes one he sighs and says, “Ugh, another backwards commercial!”

10.  I am impatiently waiting on a FedEx delivery.  It is going to up my Cool Mom status a lot so naturally I can not wait!  I’m just going to say that my “Mother of the Year” plaque would be cool if it was red and ready to hang…I’d fill you in but Mazie and Jamie read the blog.

On that cliff hanger, I’m out.  Happy Tuesday!

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