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Ten On Tuesday

1.  So I got the pictures from Jeremiah’s promotion ceremony at the end of April.  I was not too happy with the pictures.  We are all out of focus.  The guy taking the pictures must have bumped the camera and it focused on the cake.  I’m happy about it being focused on the cake but that wasn’t the important part.

2.  Here you go..




3.  This is the one I am most disappointed in.  I hate being in pictures and this one would have been a good one had we been in focus.  I should have just set up my own camera and used my remote.


4.  Stating the oath…


 5.  Giving out gifts.  He gave my dad and Jacob coins (and made Jacob promise to not put it in his mouth) and gave the girls and me lovely flower arrangements.


6.  It really was a lovely ceremony.  The cake was a hit.  I was pleased with how it turned out.


7.  The pictures from our dining out turned out much better.  Apparently the person snapping pictures knew how to use the camera.  This one was from Mazie using my camera in front of our garage…


(good picture-taking skills from my 12-year-old, dontyathink?  Maybe I should have had her take the ceremony pictures)

8.  This couple lives across the street from us.  And if that wasn’t lucky enough for them, he happens to have the pleasure of working with Jeremiah.  He is really the coolest captain out there.  She throws mad birthday parties and has the best laugh.  They have really awesome kids too.  It’s always a fun night if they are around!


9.  We were able to get a good one of us just before Jeremiah thought it was funny to photobomb.



The funny thing about this picture is that they had no idea he was there until the guy taking the picture showed them on the viewfinder.  It’s priceless.

10.  So that should sum up the last of the lagging I’ve been doing.  Summer break is well into its third week and we’ve been hanging around doing odds and ends here and there.  A day trip to Lagoon, going to the splash pad, reading, riding bikes/scooters/skates.  Just having fun.  We are gearing up for our big vacation around here and trying to stay calm about it.  To say we are all a bit excited is an understatement.  The kids have 2 weeks from tomorrow before their big trip to Camp No Rules, as Jacob is referring to it.  We have 2 weeks from Friday before heading to our trip to Jamaica.

Happy Tuesday!

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