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July 10 marked 15 years of wedded bliss for Jeremiah and me.  We decided that we should do something for just the two of us and I reluctantly agreed on a week for us to go somewhere fabulous without the kids.  So we went to planning on our vacation.  We decided on a Sandals resort and after much research decided on the Negril, Jamaica location.  An all-inclusive resort in Jamaica?  I think I could get on board with being without the kids for a week for the first since having them.  Then I realized that they were going to Pennsylvania and leaving before our trip and getting back after.  Which meant I was going to be without kids for nearly 2 whole weeks!  What?! I had to figure out how to be ok without the kids for almost 2 weeks?  I literally had  to look at the Sandals website almost daily to calm my nerves as the days were leading up to the kids leaving for Pennsylvania.  And guess what?  I was just fine.  I knew the actual trip was going to be amazing and it really was.  It was the few days before and after that I was here at home without the kids that was really hard on me.  But, again, I survived.

So now onto the good stuff.  The few pictures that I took and that we purchased from the resort.  Let me start by saying, if you are thinking of doing a trip like this know that it is truly an all-inclusive resort.   We only paid extra for our one excursion which we set up before we got there, our beach sunset dinner for our actual anniversary day which we set up before we got there, and pictures and souvenirs.

Our room had a swim up to the pool just outside that overlooked the beach.  This was our view from our patio…



We enjoyed breakfast here a few mornings…


We spent every morning on the beach where we had chairs that were reserved for us with a cooler full of water.  It was nice letting someone pamper us for a week.  IMG_0019

We also had a couples massage.  The last time we had a massage was 11 years ago when we went to Hawaii.  I was in so much pain after because it felt like the therapist was taking out her problems on me.  I swore them off.  But I decided to try it again and it was amazing.  I have never been so relaxed.  The therapist that was massaging me said I had three knots in my neck.  I jokingly told her that they each had a name since I have three kids!  IMG_0037

We went on a tour of the island on a sunset cruise.  At the end of the cruise, everyone was doing shots on the bar.  That was fun.  Alcohol was completely included and there was a lot of it.  In fact, the one bartender would see Jeremiah coming and call out, “Hey Rum and Coke!”


There were lots of critters around.  Peacocks would join us for breakfast, starfish in the ocean, little sand crabs.  We saw lots of crabs actually.  This one greeted us on our patio on day…


We had reservations at the one restaurant one night.  It happened to be at sunset and we were seated right next to the beach…


We did a few things that were way outside of my box.  We went kayaking.  Yep, I’ve never done that and was terrified the whole time but, when I finally was on the sand again, I was happy I did it with my love.  We also went snorkeling.  I was so scared going into it but was so excited.  It took a bit to figure out how to breathe with the mask and such but I got the hang of it and was happy there was a photographer catching us feeding the colorful fish with a piece of melon even if I was in a bathing suit…


On our actual anniversary day, we set up to have a dinner on the beach at sunset.  It was just the two of us and it was amazing.  We had such a great time just enjoying the view and not having to eat in 20 minutes because a little one was going to throw a fit or start fighting with another one.



It was a trip to remember and we will be going to a sandals resort again.  It was the first vacation we’ve taken that we both felt it was a true vacation and we didn’t need days to recuperate.  It was truly amazing.


Next up, what the kids did while they were in Pennsylvania!


The New House

Today marks one month that the movers unpacked their trucks full of our household goods.  So, in honor of that milestone, here are pictures of the new house here in Utah.  I have finally taken pictures, downloaded them, and edited them and it seems like the thing to do.  So here we go…

This is a view from the front entryway…

IMG_0006Then go to the left and you have the living room…


or right and you have the dining room…


The kitchen…

IMG_0009The view from the back entryway…

IMG_0011The family room or toy room or activity area (whichever you prefer)….

IMG_0013A view of the backyard.  I would have taken a photo so you could see the Salt Lake and Antelope Island but it was kind of hazy this day so I’ll get that on here another time…But Max and Sadie enjoy sunbathing in the yard…

IMG_0020You walk up the stairs and the first room is the shared by the girls.  They decided they wanted to use the bunk beds this time.  It works and they like sharing so we went with it…

IMG_0014Then you come to the master

IMG_0016and my favorite part of the whole upstairs…my walk-through-the-closet-to-the-his-and-hers-bathroom-area…It’s like another world in there!

IMG_0017Then a little further out the hallway and passed the kids bath is Jacob’s room…


There is a spare room (since the girls are sharing) but it has a few things to be put away by someone *cough cough* Jeremiah 😉 So another time for that room.

Today also is a special day since we celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary.  I have to say that on this day in 1999, I certainly did not picture us in Utah of all places with 3 kids and 2 dogs.  I’m not complaining about being here in Utah with 3 kids and 2 dogs.  I’m not sure what I pictured for our future 14 years ago.  And you know what?  I’m pretty sure that whatever I might be thinking of for 14 years in the future probably isn’t going to be completely right.  I mean, think about it.  Mazie will be 25 (I know, *gasp*, I was 25 when I had her), Jamie will be 23 (maybe I should just stop doing this right now), and Jacob will be 20 (Good Lord why did I go here?).  Ok, enough thinking of the future.  It hurts my head way too much.  But back to my main train of thought here, we celebrated our 14th today.  And I would not change any of the things we’ve been through over the years and look forward to what is going to come in the future!  I love you, Jeremiah and our little life we have!

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