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Wednesday with Jamie

Jamie has always been our little Tom Boy.  She’s the perfect middle child.  She loves to play dress up with Mazie and become a beautiful princess but she likes to take that dress and play outside in the dirt with Jacob.

But lately she’s become quite girly.  Notice the hair tuck?  Yep, that’s all her…

I’ve been catching her checking herself out in the mirror to make sure her hair is perfect and smiling at herself in the window.  Really, it’s like she’s a teen!

She’s been talking about two boys in her class too.  Like she likes them…BOYS.

And when being teased about these two boys by her daddy, she gets this little pinking in her cheeks and has to hide her huge smile with her arms before finally laughing too!

There’s also the sass that’s started with this one.  And whoa, it’s hit us like a side of bricks too!

But no matter what, she’s still tom boy like and still loves to be simple and carefree like only a 6 year old can be.

I have a feeling something just won’t change with Jamie which is fine with this Mama!

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