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Ten on Tuesday

1.  Easter was pretty laid back here.  Pretty uneventful which is just the way we like it.  The kids searched for eggs…in their jammies…




2.  That’s just how we egg-rolled this year.  (sorry, I couldn’t resist)

3.  Pop Pop arrived and it’s been non-stop since.  If you are friends with me on facebook or follow me on twitter, you know there was a lot going on this weekend.

4.  Jamie’s birthday party was this weekend.  We celebrated her 10th (*sigh*) birthday at Color Me Mine in Ogden.  We had a grand time.  The one serious picture I took and Jamie’s eyes were closed…


so we took a silly one too…


5.  The kids colored their pieces and then they were sent to the back to get glazed and baked.  Then they enjoyed birthday cake with Olaf on top…


6.  I’m still at a loss because tonight, on her birthday eve, I have no idea how this…

Jamie Bo

and this…


and this…


turn into this…


7.  Jamie and Jeremiah went on their annual date too.  They went to see Rio 2 (which Jamie highly recommends) and to eat at Olive Garden.  She told us when she arrived home that there was no way she was going to fit into her wedding dress next week if she didn’t stop eating!

8.  Today was a fun day for our family.  The kids stayed home from school so they wouldn’t be late for Jeremiah’s promotion ceremony.  Since his promotion to Lt. Col is official May 1, he just couldn’t take away from Jamie’s birthday tomorrow so he decided to take off tomorrow and do the ceremony today.  The kids loved putting on his new rank and were so proud of dad.  Pictures to come since I didn’t pick up my camera during the ceremony.   Hopefully the photographer there got some good ones.

9.  So tomorrow we have 2 tweens in the house and a newly promoted Lt. Col.  Big changes going on around here.

10.  That is all for now.  I have to update the Stahrs Cakes blog and hope to do it soon.  Stay tuned!

Happy Tuesday!

Ten on Tuesday: Jamie’s Birthday

1.  Today Jamie turned 9 years old!  Can you believe it?  Me neither.

2.  Friday, since there was a teacher work day and the kids had off, we had Jamie’s sleepover party.  I limited the guest list to 4 friends.  It all worked out and the girls had fun.

3.  We sang to the birthday girl…


4.  There was some crafting in jammies.  The girls made masks…


IMG_0031I love that last picture.  Jacob photobombed because he wanted a picture with the girls.  Who can blame him?  It’s gotta be hard to be at a girly party and not be able to join in.

5.  He had two favorites and requested a picture.  How could I refuse…My little playboy…Look at his proud face!


6.  On Sunday, Jamie and Dad had their annual date.  They went to Fargo’s.  According to Dad, Jamie said she would not do this after her 14th birthday.  I said we would have a chat about that.


7.  We did a little photo shoot in honor of the 9th birthday.

Copy (1) of IMG_0019I asked her to make a silly face…

IMG_0015and she thought it was hilarious…


8.  Tonight we had spaghetti and meatballs, which she ordered for supper.  Then we did cake with Skype…



9.  We went onto the presents she decided to save for today.  She only wanted to open her friends’ gifts at her party.  She said she wanted to save the “special” presents for her real birthday.  She was genuinely grateful for everything…




10.  Happy  Birthday, Jamie Bo!  We love you so much.

Wednesdays with Jamie

Jamie had the best year for second grade.  She loved that her Kindergarten teacher was also her second grade teacher.  She was so happy to be with her best friend.  She really came out of her shell a little more this year.  Here she is at the start of the year in August…And here she is at the end of the year in May…I see the maturity in her face has changed but still there is the sweetness that I’m pretty sure will stay forever.  We are so proud of this one with all she has done this year in spite of her shyness.  She is so excited about third grade!  I just like hearing her be happy about school.

Turning Eight

Today Jamie turned 8.  We had her party last weekend.  She opted for a spa party at The Castle House Spa, which if you know Jamie you know that this is way girly for her.  So we ventured to the Castle…for some major girly pampering where Jamie was treated like a princess…There was lemonade and cookies while the girls soaked their feet in a Japanese foot soak…mini facials…nail painting…and a paraffin wax hand dip

The girls all sang to Jamie and she blew out her candles on her princess cake and then she opened presentsShe was happy and so were the rest of the pampered girls!

Jamie and Dad had their annual date to Fargo’s.  Dad picked her up with pretty purple and white flowers…She had a great time as usual and was happy to have dad’s undivided attention!  We celebrated her birthday with a small family party yesterday.  She had her start cake

and opened all her presents.We celebrated yesterday since Dad had a work dinner for tonight and wouldn’t be home after school.  But today was still very special for Jamie.  The school gives birthday ribbons to the birthday kids so she had that on all day.  Plus Jacob and I joined Jamie for lunch today which was fun for both kids!  We also took Jamie’s birthday treat to her class.  She ordered up mint chocolate truffles that looked like lady bugs.  I think they turned out pretty cute…According to Jamie some of her friends asked for the recipe which is funny since they are all 7 or 8!  When Jamie got home from school and finished her homework, she helped make her birthday dinner of spaghetti and meatballs.  While we were doing this she told me that she got the best present ever for her birthday today.  She got an award for writing a story for the Young Authors.  She gets to meet Joan Musick and have a story that she wrote all by herself in a book with other students’ stories.  She remembered Mazie receiving this when she was in Kindergarten.  So she was pretty tickled with herself and I was pretty proud of her.  She decided that Pop Pop gets to join her for the little party the school is having for all the young authors in the school.

At bedtime tonight she said it was a pretty awesome birthday and that turning 8 was fun.  I’d have to agree with her!  Happy Birthday, Jamie Bo.

Second Grade Music Concert

Thursday evening Jamie’s second grade class sang their hearts out for all the parents to enjoy.  And enjoy they did!  It was spectacular.  The music, according to their awesome music teacher was intended for fourth or fifth graders but she felt the second graders could do it.  They did such a great job.

There were some serious moves…

There was a speaking part for the coolest second grader ever.  She was actually loud in the microphone!There was some vouge-ing…Look out Madonna, right?  There was a song where Jamie’s class only sang.  They twirled around umbrellas and danced.  It was great.  I didn’t get any pictures of that one because I couldn’t see Jamie from where I was sitting.  She was behind another student’s umbrella.  Trust me, it was a good song.  And then the big finally!Those kids were having way too much fun on that stage!  I have to say that this was one of my favorite programs so far.  They really did a great job.  One last one of Jamie and her BFF.  They are so cute together…

Wednesday with Jamie

Jamie got a kindle for Christmas.  And she loves it.After getting an account all set up, she wanted to try it out.  So we downloaded a free book, Fairytales Every Child Should Know. She is currently reading Magic Mirror which is the story Snow White is based on.  I love that she loves reading.  I also wish I had those lashes and creamy skin…But more importantly I do love that she loves reading.  And I love her!

The Big Day

Jamie turned 7 yesterday and it was a simply fantastic day.  We started out with the birthday banner and lots of presents.  She was pretty excited that they came from all over the country! 

There was also a lot of singing.

After making a quick Skype call to Pop Pop, she decided to open her presents…

Then it was onto the big party at The Little Gym.

Jamie and her friends had such a great time.

Pictures are from L to R/top to bottom: 1. going over safety rules. 2 and 3. playing with partner poles. 4, 5, and 6. smash the cake game. 7. bubbles. 8 and 9. freeze dance. 10. riding the air track up. 11 and 12. star jumps. 13. forward rolls. 14 and 15. limbo on the air track. 16. Jamie’s highest jump ever!

The next picture is of all the kids riding the air track down.  The air track was a big hit!

There was also some hula hooping…and some plain old hanging around

Then, when all the playing was done, it was time for cake (see more here).  The Hot Air Balloon cake by request…

Then it was back home.  And just to show that I was apart of Jamie’s big day…

The whole day was great.  Jamie had a good time and it was the “Best Birthday Ever” according to the birthday girl herself! 

Today Dad and Jamie went on their big date.  Dad came to the door, rang the door bell, and presented her with her birthday flowers.

She was having a hard time deciding where to go.  She struggled between Fargo’s and Macaroni Grill.  Macaroni Grill won in the end and she had a great time.  I think 7 is going to be fun with Jamie.  Happy Birthday, Jamie!

Spring Fever!

Today was Jamie’s first grade music program. It was fabulous. The theme of the program was Spring. The kids were hoppin’ and bobbin’ to some cool tunes.

There were kazoos, too.  The kids were having a blast.   There was also a slide show of pictures of the kids and their moms.  It was a real tear jerker. 

I was so excited that I was able to go to the program for the rest of the school.  I had a class to teach tonight so I was going to miss the whole show.   Jeremiah was able to go to tonight’s program with Jacob and Mazie and see the kids all dressed up.   It was a great performance by the first graders!

Wednesday with Jamie

Jamie has been working on a project in school.  She is supposed to research England and do a presentation next week about what she found.  So today she practiced her presentation.  She is going to talk about the reason for the afternoon tea.

She set the table…

complete with napkins…

Poured the tea…

And taught Minnie Mouse how to hold the cup.  She said the little finger being out was to help prevent spilling the tea!

She also told me that the reason for even having the tea in the afternoon was because the Queen couldn’t wait for a small bite to eat between lunch and her late supper.  Her presentation is next Friday.  I think she is going to be awesome!

Turkey #2

On Thursday, Jamie’s class put on three Thanksgiving plays at the Reader’s Theater.  The kids read their parts aloud to the entire crowd and believe me when I say there was a big crowd of proud parents!

After the first two plays were over it was Jamie’s group’s turn.  Her play was entitled The Ugly Turkey (some of you may remember when Mazie did this play in first grade and she was the Ugly Turkey).  For those of you who know the story of the ugly duckling it is similar but with turkeys and a peacock instead of ducks and swans.  Anyway, Jamie was Turkey #2!

Turkeys 1, 2, 3, and 4 were mean to the peacock.  But then they went off and grew up and became beautiful turkeys and realized the error of their ways being mean to the peacock who was now beautiful!

It was so great to hear her reading so fluently out loud.  She did a great job as did all the students!  One thing I am thankful for this year…kids who love to read!

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