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Thankfuls for November

I’m going to catch up on my thankfuls for the month…

November 5, I am thankful for my family.  My extended family.  Without them I would not have had the guidance, examples, love to live the way I feel is right.

November 6, I am thankful for the weather.  I love that Colorado can brag of 300 days of sunshine.  I love that we get snow but it goes away pretty quickly.

November 7, I am thankful for being able to voice my opinion.  I’m not always right (and I admit it) but I can still voice it nonetheless.

November 8, I am thankful for the spunk that my kids have.  I may not always like having it directed at me but I am thankful they feel they can speak freely and have an opinion as well.  I want them to keep that forever.

November 9, I am thankful for my freedom.period.

November 10, I am thankful for love.  Without it where would we be?  I am thankful to be completely and passionately in love with my husband and know that he feels the same.  I am thankful that my kids fill my heart completely.

November 11, I am thankful for all the veterans who have served so willingly to our country to keep my family safe, including those who are serving today and who will serve in the future.

November 12, I am thankful for college football.  I love watching the players come together as a team and show spirit and play their hearts out!

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