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Stahr Family Twenty Questions

JJ had this on her blog and I thought it was fun.  So we did it over breakfast this morning since Dad was home.  Feel free to do in on your blog so we can see what your answers are too!

Our key is: D=Daddy, M=Mommy, MA=Mazie, J=Jamie, JA=Jacob

1.  What’s your favorite color?
D: Blue
M: Red
MA: Blue, Pink, Yellow
J: Purple
JA: Green

2.  What’s your favorite food?
D: Pizza
M: Mexican
MA: spaghetti and meatballs (always has been)
J: couscous
JA: chicken, noodles, and broccoli

3.  What’s your favorite show?
D: Upside Down Show (if you knew what that on Nick then you know it drives him crazy, actually!)
M: House
MA: Mickey Mouse Club House
J: Team Umizoomi
JA: Cat In The Hat Knows A Lot About That

4.  What’s your favorite restaurant?
D: Olive Garden
M: Pancho’s (in California)
MA: Macaroni Grill
J: Macaroni Grill
JA: Noodle ‘n Company (affectionately called Company)

5  What’s your favorite movie?
D: StarWars
M: When Harry Met Sally
MA: Alice in Wonderland (“the new one, not the cartoon”)
J: Fox and the Hound
JA: Fantastic Mr. Fox and Cars

6.  What’s your favorite season?
D: Fall
M: Fall
MA: Winter, then Spring
J: Winter
JA: Spring

7.  What is your favorite class?
D: physics
M: anatomy and physiology
J: After school music
JA: snack time (are you really surprised?)

8.  What do you want to do when you grow up?
D: Walmart greeter
M: be THE cake lady
MA: Doctor
J: an artist
JA: Doctor or race car driver

9.  What’s your favorite sport?
M: Running/taekwondo
MA: taekwondo
J: taekwondo
JA: playing soccer outside with the girls

10.  What’s your favorite game?
D: Chess
M: Monopoly
MA: Hullabaloo
J: Checkers
JA: Race car game (a game he invented with his toy cars)

11:  What’s your favorite song at the moment?
D: Love of a Lifetime (our song)
M: Imagine
MA: Bulletproof
J: I Got A Feeling
JA: John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt (because his name is in it)

12. What’s your favorite book?
D: Anything by Stephen King, The Lord Of The Rings trilogy
M: A Christmas Carol
MA: The Lion, Witch, and Wardrobe
J: Cherry The Cake Fairy
JA: Diggers

13.  What’s your favorite character?
D: Charlie Mackenzie
M: Charlie Brown
MA: Minnie Mouse
J: Mickey Mouse
JA: Lightning McQueen

14.  What’s your favorite place to go with your family?
D: Hawaii or Alaska
M: Hawaii or the zoo
MA: Disneyland, Hawaii
J: Hawaii
JA: Zoo

15. Who are some of your best friends?
D: Megan
M: Jeremiah
MA: Kalea, Emily
J: Presley, Calissa
JA: Bella and Kota (Isabella and Dakota)

16.  What’s your favorite animal?
D:  Jacob
M: giraffes
MA: ponies
J: Budies Buddies at the zoo
JA: giraffes

17.  What’s your favorite holiday?
D: Christmas
M: Christmas
MA: Christmas
J: Christmas
JA: Christmas

18. What’s your favorite instrument?
D: Trumpet
M: Piano, flute
MA: Flute
J: kick drum
JA: snare drum (he demonstrated…very loudly…which drum he likes)

19.  What’s your favorite activity to do alone?
D: Read
M: read
MA: Highlights Magazine (doing the activities)
J: Drawing
JA: Drawing

20.  What’s your favorite toy?
D: Atari 2600 (and it still works)
M: Camera and new baking tools
MA: iPod
J: Camera
JA: Cars

So there you have it.  All kinds of useless information about all of us that you never wanted to know.  Now go do it on your blog and have fun talking about your answers!

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3 thoughts on “Stahr Family Twenty Questions

  1. Megan's mom on said:

    Pancho’s….Margaritas….Fish Tacos….Thanks for taking me there!
    Cute and informative post….really am enjoying it…I will have to read it again!

  2. WHere’s Pancho’s? I think I better put it on my list of places to try!

  3. love it!

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