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Jacob’s Day

Jacob is now 3 1/2 years old.  I know, shocking to me too!  He just insists that he’s going to turn 4, then 5, then 6, then 7, then 8, then 9, and then 10.  He stops there which is fine with me!

So he obliged me with a little photo shoot last night.  How did I get him to do this?  Easy.  I promised the park after!  It worked and he was so excited to go to the bridge for these pictures.

First we had to say “Hi” to the biggest rock ever!

And, yes, he posed.  He really wanted to go to the park!

He even looked directly into the magic blinking lens!  See, I told you he really wanted to go to the park.  We finally made it to the bridge.  Can’t you see his excitement?

After I got that last one, I told him I would beat him back to the car.  He said, “I’m going to get down and then beat you” and took off running his fastest back to the car.  See, by the third one, you tend to find a few tricks to get them to do what you want…usually! 😉

We ended up at the park, where I asked for one more picture with him looking at the magic blinking lens.  And then he was off to play!

Happy Friday!

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5 thoughts on “Jacob’s Day

  1. Gramma Boyer on said:

    What a handsome little man!!!!….again…heart be still…you are growing up too fast…..LOVE the pictures!….I love you!

  2. These are precious photos, Megan- our babies are getting so big! Lauren keeps asking what day her birthday is, too.. she can’t wait to be four. I want to put a brick on her head and keep her this age forever!

  3. PopPop on said:

    Great photos and a great smile! You are becoming quite a handsome young man. Love you, big boy!

  4. Kristen on said:

    I just love the second one of him on the bridge:)

  5. those are all just gorgeous of him! love that one where he’s smirking!

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