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Ten On Tuesday

1.  After I posted that our tree was just losing its leaves, still green and unchanging, it miraculously started changing and all the leaves were yellow and then on the ground.  Just like that, in a matter of days!

2.  So what do you do with all those leaves?  Jump!

3.  And the kids were all about it…

4.  I even got a few of all three together in the leaves…(check the banner too).

5.  This was all until one of the kids stepped into a pile of cat poop and was done. 

6.  Yep, we have cats…some from neighbors who let them outside, some stray…who roam around the neighborhood using our yard as a cat box. 

7.  Wanna know what my idea is to getting rid of the cat poop?  Get a dog.

8.  I’m not so sure we are ready for another being in the house, especially since I want a larger dog.  Read bigger than our last dog.

9.  Remember him?  The crazy Jack Russell named Cleatus?  Yeah, Jeremiah is not allowed to pick this one.  We will adopt and we will pick all together.

10.  This was a pretty weird Ten on Tuesday.  I started with leaves and ended with dogs.  That’s kind of how my brain has been working lately.  It will straighten out eventually. 😉

Happy Tuesday!

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6 thoughts on “Ten On Tuesday

  1. Looks like the kids had fun and that’s what a pile of leaves is all about!

  2. Those leaves look fun & my boys would love it.

  3. ours will be jumped in within a few weeks! i can’t wait to see what kind of dog you guys gets. i want a big one but then i also don’t want to take care of one.

  4. Megan's mom on said:

    Pix are great….love fall and the leaves!…the dog…go for a mix of a Golden and Poodle….great fammily dog…allergy safe…NO shedding!…..Usually a medium to lardge dog but very playful and smart!

  5. Megan's mom on said:

    I think they are called Goldendoodle?!?!?!

  6. A dog?!?! Really!! I do remember Cleatus, sweet but crazy!

    Should definitely help with the cat issue, too!

    Cute pics of the kids in the leaves. Bozeman is pretty now, but we don’t have any trees big enough for a good leaf pile in our yard. 😦

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