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Ten On Tuesday

1. Jeremiah and I went out overnight while my dad was here.  We went to the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park.

2.  It was amazing, aside from the ghost tour and then not sleeping because of every single noise I hear.  The views were amazing.

3.  At dusk, the elk just came right up to the front of the hotel…

4. See, we were there…5.  My dad was in charge of the kids while we were away.  Or maybe I should say I think he was in charge.  The house was still standing and the kids were alive.  That’s saying somethin’! 😉

6.  Remember all those birthday cakes from this past weekend?  Yeah, Dad couldn’t take his along.  So we were left with the bottom layer of his cake and half of my angel food. 

7.  Have you seen the two train cakes I did for a customer this weekend?  Check it out here.

8.  Yeah, if you are keeping track, that was a lot of baking last week.

9.  I think I want a kindle or nook.  Anyone out there have one want to tell me what you think of yours?

10.  We watched A Charlie Brown Christmas tonight.  It was fun to snuggle with the kids and watch something I’ve watched so many times.  The only thing that would have made it better would have been if Jeremiah could have joined us.  He was at the academy working.  Maybe next time.

Happy Tuesday!

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7 thoughts on “Ten On Tuesday

  1. Nice 10. I like the photo of you guys in the mirror.

  2. Love that you had a great getaway! It looks like it was perfect. . . I love Estes Park.

    We recorded Charlie Brown and Hayden can’t wait to watch–hopefully tomorrow night!

    Thank you, thank you for your amazing and thoughtful gift. I love it! I love all those reasons and will wear it proudly. You are an inspiration to me, my dear!

  3. Jeremiah on said:

    I was holding you the whole night… nothing to worry about. I stayed awake just to watch you and care for you… really. I wasn’t scared about Jack or the ghosts… was just doing it for you! 🙂
    Also wish I could have snuggled to watch Charlie Brown together!

  4. Don’t do it! Read a real book! I’m anti-electronic readers, can you tell:) I’d miss the pages too much.

    We went to Estes Park as kids and stayed at the Stanley – as KIDS. I was freaked out. Oh, and it was the night after my uncle showed us The Shining. Great.

  5. Jeremiah, you did not hold me. If I remember correctly, “WE” couldn’t figure out how to adjust the thermostat and it was at least 80 in the room.

    JJ, that’s exactly what I’m worried about with the electronic readers. But they are so much more convenient, it seems (smaller, easier to store, etc).

  6. Megan's mom on said:

    Great pictures!….Love the mirror one
    A few of my friends have either kindles or nooks…all positive feed back on both….my thinking is it would save trees?! And you can save all reading to discs!…I would think it to be a good buy!

  7. I’d miss the pages, too. I love the smell of a fresh new book. Speaking of… I have one ready to read, can’t wait.

    That place looks beautiful, what a special time for just the two of you 🙂 I hope we make it back to Estes park to enjoy it, too!

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