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Outing #2

Our second outing was to the Buell Children’s Museum.  Mazie had been there on a field trip last year and was so excited about it so we decided to check it out as a family. 

When we walked in there was this little corner of dress up stuff and the girls went straight to it.  Can you believe she is turning 9?

While the girls were doing, well, girly things, Jacob decided to jump onto the computer center they had set up for kids to color cool pictures of Christmas-y themed pages…

One of the highlights was the Odyssey room.  They transformed it from a place where you could pretend you were in space and catching planets to a magical winter wonderland where you could see what you would be like as a snowman!  So the fam stood in front of this huge screen and a projector made snowmen based on your height…

Another big highlight was building a playhouse.  Jacob and Dad set out to do just that…

Then Mazie came along and talked Jacob into sitting inside the playhouse until Dad was finished…

But Jamie was all about it.  She was bossing, I mean, instructing dad to put that board there and this little one here and “don’t forget the window”…

Then when it was all done and Jamie was pleased with the work, they tore it down for other kids to build. 

This museum was fun but it took us only two hours to do everything.  I think it is set up for classes to visit instead of families.  However, it would be the type of thing to do often if you live near it (instead of our hour-long drive, one way).  But we did have fun and that’s what matters!

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One thought on “Outing #2

  1. Megan's mom on said:

    Wow…it sure looks like fun!…..Love the Dad/Son”intense’ moment on the building project…maybe there is an engineer in the making???
    Love all the pics….so much fun!

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