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Jeremiah’s Birthday

Today Jeremiah is no longer able to taunt me about being 5 weeks older.  He had his turn today!  Now we are the same age.   The kids gave him lots of birthday kisses.  Sometimes at the same time…

And they each gave him their handmade cards and fun gifts.  The surest way to let everyone know what is inside a gift or package is to let Jacob know.  So that’s why he had no idea what was inside when Dad asked what was in the box…

I think Jacob was just as excited to open presents as Dad was!  After a yummy dinner of homemade lasagna, it was onto the cake.   And the kids belted out “happy birthday” while Dad prepared for blowing out the candles…

Jeremiah’s favorite is red velvet with peanut butter icing.

Happy Birthday, Jeremiah!  We love you!!

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