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Ten On Tuesday

1.  All the kids have started back to school and it has been quiet!  The girls started back yesterday and Jacob started back today.  I love school!

2.  Now if only I could get school to start for my husband before January 18.  Just kidding. I love you, hunny! 😉

3.  Jeremiah did start his big project today.  Operation Get The Basement Organized!  It actually looks so much better and he’s not even half way done. 

4.  I know Christmas is over and we’ve had our tree and decorations down since the day after Christmas but we’re still singing the song.  Probably will be until June, in fact. 

5.  Did you know that Frosty The Snowman carried a roast beef to the billiage?  Yep, that’s right.  Jacob’s version of the beloved song is: Down to the Billiage, with a roast beef in his hand.  It’s simply too funny to correct.  He’ll get it right next year anyway.

6.  He thinks that is what the Chipmunks are singing anyway.  We have the Chipmunks coming out our ears!

7.  We had a lovely New Years Day.  The Egberts came for a traditional pork and sauerkraut meal and we also celebrated Rachel’s birthday!  I made her a topsy-turvy cake.  You can read about it more over at the cake site.

8.  I’ve been told there’s a big birthday coming this weekend.  My dear husband is finally going to be the same age as me and can no longer taunt me about being older (at least until December 4)!

9.  There is another special birthday coming after that.  Mazie called Mickey Mouse on Sunday to let him know she was turning 9.  It was pretty cool how they had it set up.  Mickey even spoke to her.  This is all pretty funny since she couldn’t even hold the phone at Disneyland when she turned 3!  Her name may be scrolling on the birthday list on PlayHouse Disney, if you watch.

10.  I thought maybe I would have a little bit of a vacation when the kids started back to school.  But guess what?  Time doesn’t slow down when you want it to!  Who knew?

Happy Tuesday!

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4 thoughts on “Ten On Tuesday

  1. Gramma B on said:

    Love,Love,love your sweet,excited expression Mazie …. It is so YOU! Wish I got to talk to Mickey on my birthday!!!!

  2. Megan's Mom on said:

    Jeremiah really does need to go back to work!!! That cake turned it great… Rachel is so lucky to have you as a freind! Would love to see a pic of Preston … How is he doing? And when is Rachel done with school?

  3. carissa on said:

    9 already!!! they are getting big too fast. i can’t believe chloe will be 2 in less than 5 months.

  4. There was one year that we were still singing Frosty to Alla at bedtime in JULY. No kidding. What do you do with yourself when the kids are ALL gone? I do NOT look forward to that, so much that when I was given 2.5 hours this morning to be kid-free I called Alla’s teacher to go volunteer in her class:)

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