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Ten On Tuesday

1.  Jeremiah’s birthday was fun.  We took him out to eat at his favorite restaurant, Olive Garden.  Then we came home and almost burned down the house with all the candles…


2.  I wasn’t sure if he was going to blow out all 37 candles but he sure did…without taking an extra breath and without needing oxygen!  IMG_0005

3.  I am very well aware that I am 5 weeks older than he is but if I don’t pick on him, who will? I love you, Jeremiah!

4.  Mazie’s was a bit more eventful.  Aren’t all the kids’ birthdays?  She decided to open her gifts in the afternoon…



5.  She insisted on her very favorite strawberry cake and ordered up a big one too.  She wanted it to be for all her friends here on base.  She invited them over and she made all the arrangements and I let her.  It was the least I could do since I didn’t want to face the fact that she was turning 12 ;-)!

6.  So when the neighbors arrived, we all sang Happy Birthday (Jacob was a little lively with his version) and she blew out all 12 candles in one big breath.


Then we cut the big cake (you can read the details here) and enjoyed some homemade vanilla bean ice cream with it.

7.  She requested homemade spaghetti noodles with meatballs for her birthday feast.  We were finishing up when the clock struck 5.39pm…


8.  Not sure how she is 12 already when I haven’t aged a day since I had her at age 25…

9.  Her annual birthday date with dad was this past weekend.  They went to see a movie (The Nut Job) and out to eat at Olive Garden.


10.  That’s all I have for today.  Happy Tuesday!

Jeremiah’s Birthday

Many of you know that my husband likes to hold it over me that his is 5 weeks younger than me.  So from my birthday in December to his, well, today.  I have to deal with him being “married to an older woman” and such for a while.  But on January 8, it is not the case as we become the same age.  Right?  That’s how it works, right?

Today happened to be back to school for the kids and Jeremiah happened to have off work.  So we took advantage of our kid-free day and headed to the movies to see The Hobbit.  It was lovely.  We even watched it on the IMAX screen in 3D.

The kids could hardly wait to give Dad his big presents that they worked very hard on.  But we ate homemade lasagna and salad (as requested for the birthday dinner) first.  Then the kids sang (very loudly) Happy Birthday to our favorite dad as he welcomed his 36th birthday.


Again, the kids could hardly wait for the birthday boy to take his first bite so they could dive into the red velvet cake with peanut butter icing.

It was finally time for the kids to give dad their gifts.  They worked so hard putting this together.  They made one of the crafts out of their Highlights magazine.  It was a game.  They all took part in putting it together.  Jacob stated that he drew the mountains!


They played a round and happily put it away for another time.  I was so proud they made something that made sense and they did it together!


Happy Birthday, Jeremiah.  We love you!

Happy Birthday to Jeremiah

Today we celebrated Jeremiah’s birthday.  We started out with homemade doughnuts.  I had never made them before but they were apparently good.  Jamie inhaled 3 all by herself and Mazie ordered them for her sleepover party at the end of the week!Sometime in the afternoon, Mazie suggested that Dad open his gifts.  So he did just that.  The kids love to make homemade gifts.  They decided that Dad’s birthday should be a “boys only” party and they made beards and moustaches to wear…

The girls were nice by letting Jacob borrow a moustache for him to wear but he thought it suited him more to be eyebrows instead…Birthday kisses…My new favorite photo…After going out to eat, we came home to have birthday cake.  Red velvet with peanut butter icing…And, yes, he is that crazy and not because he is 35 now.  Happy Birthday, Jeremiah.  We love you!

Change of Command

This morning, we got up (super, duper) early to head to the Air Force Academy for Jeremiah’s change of command ceremony.  The kids were a little less than stellar but it was only an hour and was fascinating to see the whole thing.  I never realized how ceremonial it was.  This was Jeremiah’s first.  So here is Lt. Col Anger relinquishing command…

so Jeremiah can accept command…

The new AOC of squadron 6…

Jeremiah is excited about the new job which officially started as soon as they handed the blackberry over to him.  We aren’t looking forward to the middle of the night calls but it should be an interesting job for him to say in the least. 

I also have to say that I love seeing him in his dress blues.  So handsome!  We are so proud of you.  You will be great at this job.  Love you!

Jeremiah’s Birthday

Today Jeremiah is no longer able to taunt me about being 5 weeks older.  He had his turn today!  Now we are the same age.   The kids gave him lots of birthday kisses.  Sometimes at the same time…

And they each gave him their handmade cards and fun gifts.  The surest way to let everyone know what is inside a gift or package is to let Jacob know.  So that’s why he had no idea what was inside when Dad asked what was in the box…

I think Jacob was just as excited to open presents as Dad was!  After a yummy dinner of homemade lasagna, it was onto the cake.   And the kids belted out “happy birthday” while Dad prepared for blowing out the candles…

Jeremiah’s favorite is red velvet with peanut butter icing.

Happy Birthday, Jeremiah!  We love you!!

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