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Ten on Tuesday

1.  I made my first batch of bacon chocolate chip cookies on Sunday.  The batch made 3 dozen.  There are four left.  They are, by far, the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever eaten!  I will be making them again!

2.  Jacob’s the only one who doesn’t seem to like them.  He eats the chocolate chunks out instead of eating the whole cookie.  So not a normal thing around here…Jacob passing up cookies?

3.  Since bacon and chocolate apparently go together, I’m going to try a recipe for dark chocolate bacon cupcakes tomorrow! 

4.  Jacob called me a “grownut” yesterday.  He was telling me that when “grownuts” stir oatmeal it makes a funny sound.  I guess he was kind of right on the sound and the nut part :-)!

5.  Mazie told me that one of the toilets looked a little gross.  Kind of suggesting that I should clean it.  I felt like handing her the cleaning supplies instead of saying, “OK, I’ll get right on that”.

6.  What’s too young for chores like that?

7.  Jamie went to a birthday party on Sunday.  Not normally a big deal but it was a roller skating party.  She was so excited.  She put on her skates and went around the rink with no fear.  I watched in awe.  Really.  I broke my arm when I was 12 by not really roller skating.  She really surprised me!

8.  I have a feeling Jamie is going to surprise me a lot.  *sigh*

9.  I bought a gallon of milk along with some other groceries to hold us over until the big grocery day.  I put the couple of bags and the milk in the back of the Durango like I always do.  I opened the hatch when I got home and the gallon of milk fell out onto the hard garage floor and split open.  Milk went everywhere.  Jacob just looked at me and said, “uh oh”.  That’s never happened before.  I guess I have to find a new spot to put the milk next time.

10.  I have to get my wisdom tooth pulled on Friday.  I’m a little nervous.  I’ve only had one pulled before.  The other two were cysts so they never formed into teeth.  Wow! I guess my mouth sounds like a science fair project.

Happy Tuesday!

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4 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday

  1. Oh good luck, I think you remember when I had my wisdom teeth out:)

    I am VERY interested in this recipe!

  2. Sounds like a good-tasting treat!

  3. so sorry about the milk! The bacon desserts sound amazing!

  4. Gramma B on said:

    If Mazie can see the toilets are messy… She is old enough to be taught how to clean them… Good luck!
    Not sure of the choco/ bacon combo as I don’t eat chocolate!
    Love the “grownuts” story,.. Got some laughs on that one ❤

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