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Ten On Tuesday

1.  There are cobwebs on this blog…I have a valid reason for not posting for a while…the kids and I got the flu and blogging was the last thing on my mind!  Now with that said, let’s catch up.  Last week the kids had “snow” days from school on Tuesday and Wednesday because the highs for those days were in the negatives!  Yep, it was cold and we had no snow to go with it.

2.  What did the kids do for those two days?  Mazie worked ahead on her homework so she wouldn’t be behind.  The other two snuggled and played with all the stuffed animals…

3.  Did you see that?  Yep, that’s where the virus began.  All that playing around spread that stubborn virus.  They were the first two to have it.  Mazie had it the least of the four of us.  I am still struggling with the ending of it. 

4.  I haven’t had the flu since the last time I decided to actually get the vaccination for it…before Mazie was even thought of!  I hope to not get it again.

5.  This weekend was the Super Bowl.  Did anyone else follow the game?  I was a great game.  Both teams played well and clean.  I like watching football like that.  Packers won in case you missed it.  Yes, I am from PA but I am a Packers fan.  I would have rooted for whoever was against the Steelers anyway ;-)!

6.  I had three orders for this weekend.  Remember Super Mario Bros for the Nintendo?  Well, now it’s even cooler with whatever gaming system they are apart of and I got to make a really cool cake for a birthday boy who was very pleased with it.  Go to the Cakes site to see it!

7.  Yep, I made three different orders while under the weather…I’m that good.  No, really, my husband is that good for taking care of everything else so I could do just that and not die!

8.  The kids got to work on some cool crafts they received for Christmas.  Mazie is working on a stuffed, furry bear.

Jamie is sewing together parts for a pig…

and Jacob (with Dad’s help) is putting together a cool pirate ship…

Pictures of the finished products will be posted when they are, well, finished!

9.  The kids had a snow day today too but it was because of actual snow.  It was pretty out today but still too cold for them to actually go out and play in it. 

10.  I have my new iphone up and running on Verizon.  I am loving it!  If you have my old number, please let me know so I can give you my new number.  The old number is for the cake business.  Don’t laugh if you call on that number and I answer, “Hello, Stahrs Cakes”!

Happy Tuesday!

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2 thoughts on “Ten On Tuesday

  1. I am SO sorry you were all sick. Thank goodness you’re on the mend!

  2. Are you just loving your new iPhone- it seriously changed our lives when we got them… I don’t have the newest one, though- so how’s skypeing on the phone?

    And P.S. I’m so glad you are feeling better, flus stink, but they are even worse when thrown together as a party…

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