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Friday Five

1.  Jamie had an arctic presentation last week.  She decided to share information about the walrus.  Her teacher helped her put together a power point presentation with the information she researched. 

She added the sound a walrus makes to her second slide and the class thought that was pretty cool!

2.  Mazie and Jamie have been sleeping in separate rooms since Tuesday night.   This is huge since they’ve been sharing a room since Mazie was 4 and Jamie was 2!  On Wednesday morning, Jamie told me she had the best night of sleep in a long time.   Mazie’s been throwing super fits at bedtime lately.  It’s been bothering her sister and she’s had enough.  We haven’t had any fits since we started this.

3.  Jamie decided that it would be ok to take a picture of one of her cute new ‘dos.  This is the one with her hair pulled to the side…

4.  See what fun we have after school on Friday when a package arrives at our house?

and, no, we weren’t missing anyone.  You have to know where Jacob is, right?

Yep, happily in the box!

5.  The kids are off of school until Wednesday.  Jeremiah is off on Monday.  We are planning some fun things this weekend. 

Happy Friday!

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4 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. Oh, the side pony took me back. She looks so adorable. My boys also LOVED Despicable me! As did I. And thanks for adding me to your talented list.

  2. Love the hair style, Jamie! And I listened to your presentaqtion – what a walrus sound! Sound so real.

  3. Jamie what a super ‘do! Um, no longer sharing a room!!!! I’m sad. I thought we had longer!

  4. Love the side pony tail, Jamie! You look awesome!

    And great job on the presentation, too!

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