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Spring Fever!

Today was Jamie’s first grade music program. It was fabulous. The theme of the program was Spring. The kids were hoppin’ and bobbin’ to some cool tunes.

There were kazoos, too.  The kids were having a blast.   There was also a slide show of pictures of the kids and their moms.  It was a real tear jerker. 

I was so excited that I was able to go to the program for the rest of the school.  I had a class to teach tonight so I was going to miss the whole show.   Jeremiah was able to go to tonight’s program with Jacob and Mazie and see the kids all dressed up.   It was a great performance by the first graders!

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One thought on “Spring Fever!

  1. PopPop on said:

    Congratulations, Jamie! I am sure your music program was excellent. I hope I will be able to get a CD/DVD of the program.

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