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Friday Five

1.  Mazie didn’t win with her science fair project but she did get a ribbon for competing.  She was pretty happy with that.  I was happy when we saw the actually grade sheet and she had an excellent for presentation.  I guess I wasn’t the only one who thought her project looked sharp!

2.  Big day here in the Stahr house…Jacob put his booster seat away.  He helped pack it up and take it to the basement with all the other “baby” things that we are keeping for visitors with smaller kids to use.  

He hasn’t been using it for about a week now.  He was pretty excited!

3.  I made the coolest hot air balloon cake ever!  Actually with Jeremiah’s engineering mind, I was able to actually make it stand and it looks so cool.  I will be posting pictures of it on the business blog this weekend!

4.  It was super windy today.  I mean, the wind actually took your breath away if you were outside.  It was a nice warm day otherwise.  I’m starting to get sick of it being warm and sunny and super windy.

5.  Tonight is our last night with a six-year-old girl in the house forever!  I remember this night 7 years ago.  I was have labor pains…nothing too active but still there.  I remember trying to make this night special for Mazie since she was about to be a big sister and not the only one anymore.  I also remember barely sleeping this night 7 years ago in anticipation of meeting Jamie.  Tonight Jamie is so excited to be turning 7.  She is so excited for her party tomorrow and to open presents and to have her day.  She’s not the one who wants to be the center of attention until it’s something like her birthday or a music program or a race.  I am so very proud of Jamie.  Tomorrow is going to be great!

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