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The Big Day

Jamie turned 7 yesterday and it was a simply fantastic day.  We started out with the birthday banner and lots of presents.  She was pretty excited that they came from all over the country! 

There was also a lot of singing.

After making a quick Skype call to Pop Pop, she decided to open her presents…

Then it was onto the big party at The Little Gym.

Jamie and her friends had such a great time.

Pictures are from L to R/top to bottom: 1. going over safety rules. 2 and 3. playing with partner poles. 4, 5, and 6. smash the cake game. 7. bubbles. 8 and 9. freeze dance. 10. riding the air track up. 11 and 12. star jumps. 13. forward rolls. 14 and 15. limbo on the air track. 16. Jamie’s highest jump ever!

The next picture is of all the kids riding the air track down.  The air track was a big hit!

There was also some hula hooping…and some plain old hanging around

Then, when all the playing was done, it was time for cake (see more here).  The Hot Air Balloon cake by request…

Then it was back home.  And just to show that I was apart of Jamie’s big day…

The whole day was great.  Jamie had a good time and it was the “Best Birthday Ever” according to the birthday girl herself! 

Today Dad and Jamie went on their big date.  Dad came to the door, rang the door bell, and presented her with her birthday flowers.

She was having a hard time deciding where to go.  She struggled between Fargo’s and Macaroni Grill.  Macaroni Grill won in the end and she had a great time.  I think 7 is going to be fun with Jamie.  Happy Birthday, Jamie!

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4 thoughts on “The Big Day

  1. Happy Birthday, Jamie!! Looks like you had an amazing celebration!

  2. Gramma B on said:

    Happy #7Birthday, Jamie! Looks like you had an amazing day:-) Lots of hugs and kisses to start your 7th year!

  3. Happy Birthday Jamie. It looks like you had a wonderful day.

  4. PopPop on said:

    What a wonderful day for a wonderful 7-year old!

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