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Ten On Tuesday

1.  Jacob and I made brownies today.  Nothing special about this.  It was just a nice thing between the two of us.  He talked the whole time we were putting them together.

2.  While enjoying those brownies after supper tonight, Jamie said, “Are these the ‘kick of your clothes’ brownies?” She meant “Knock You Naked Brownies” by the Pioneer Woman.  We laughed pretty hard about that.

3.  Jacob feels the need to fill every moment with talking or singing.  He has to constantly make some kind of noise.  If he’s filling you in on dinos or bugs, you better have about an hour to listen.  So on the way to school to get Jamie this afternoon, he talked about everything and anything.  It was completely and totally random and made no sense and I love every single minute of it.  I know that all too soon, he’s not going to do that with me.

4.  On Monday and today, Mazie had hour-long interviews to get on the LEGO Robotics team.  She has one more interview tomorrow after school.  She’s so excited about it.

5.  Week one of 7:30am choir practice went well for both girls.  They are so excited about their songs and moves.  Jamie says that one of her songs will be signed as they are singing.

6.  I love that so far this year with almost a month under our belts, everything is still so great.  They are loving school and there seems to be something new each day or two that gets them more excited.  I hear them catching up at the end of the day, comparing their days.  I would love for that to continue but know that too will end in the not so distant future.

7.  This weekend is Parents Weekend at the Academy (grads…remember that?).  That means Jeremiah’s squadron has open house on Friday that Jacob and I are going to for a little.  The cadets just love Jacob!  We are all going to the football game on Saturday too.

8.  We also have the Balloon Glo and the Balloon Classic that we will be attending.  We even managed to squeeze in a date!  It should be a full but fun weekend.

9.  Jacob has his open house on Thursday and can’t wait to take his school supplies to his classroom.  He is so excited about starting school.

10.  I don’t really have a tenth thing so tell me what you have planned for the long weekend!

Happy Tuesday!

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3 thoughts on “Ten On Tuesday

  1. Alla is that way, just talking or singing all day long!

  2. PopPop on said:

    Glad to hear everyone is enjoying school so much! I am not surprised to hear that Jacob loves to talk. Have a great Labor Day weekend – as you know Josh and I will be enjoying ourselves in Boston!

  3. Johnnie chats nonstop. And we don’t have big plans. Trying to stay cool & keep the kids busy & occupied.

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