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These are some things I want to share since I was without blogging tools for some time.  Mostly from the last part of our summer.

Since Jeremiah was super busy with basic training, read we never really knew when or if he would be home on any specific day, we tried to make a camping trip for when he knew he would be home.  Since we couldn’t actually go anywhere, we decided on the yard.  Good place for a campout, right?  Even Max was confused by the whole thing…

But the kids and Dad made it all night long, in the tent in the yard…

And, yes, I wasn’t insane enough to sleep in the tent in the backyard while my comfy bed was mine to have all to myself!  Max and I stayed inside.  But the kids had fun and one night was enough for Dad. 😉

For our anniversary in July, the girls drew pictures of us on magnadoodles (or magnetdoodle as Jacob says).  What do you think? Do they look like us?

Jamie drew us at our wedding.  Funny how Jeremiah had a top hat on.  Mazie, for some odd reason, drew us in bathing suits.  Not sure why I’m in a bikini but whatever.

Jamie learned to dance with Max…

Speaking of Max, she’s been fitting into our family quite nicely.  It’s like she’s been here forever and not just since May.  She’s actually becoming a lot more comfortable with our family.  She’s been eating while we’ve been out which is huge since we was very undernourished when she came to us.  She’s been dancing a lot more in the yard which thrills the kids (and my dancing, I mean doing a dog race around the yard at top speed!).  It’s been really great having her here, for all of us.

After the girls started back to school, Jacob and I decided to go to the zoo one day.  It was nice.  We dropped the girls off at school and just went.  It was fun hearing all about the animals through Jacob’s version of things.  Like where the animals really.  He was right on most of the animals.  I guess he pays attention more than I thought!

Today was picture day for the girls.  Since we don’t buy the school pictures, I told them that they still needed to dress nicely due to the fact that these are the yearbook photos.  I also added that they shouldn’t pick their noses and should smile nicely.  I guess we’ll see when we get the yearbooks!

Happy Wednesday!

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One thought on “This and That

  1. Megan's Mom on said:

    Yes to recognizing you and Jeremiah in the girls pictures of the 2 of you:-)! Great job girls!

    The camping looks like it was a great hit! Glad also that Max is fitting in. She looks like an awesome dog!

    Then there is the giraffe…. Love them too … But… That still is one ugly tongue:-(! Great that Jacob was so brave as to feed the “tongue”! LOL!

    Great post and again… Glad you can post again! Love you

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