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Ten On Tuesday

1.  Jamie ran her little heart out at her first cross-country race yesterday.  First the team warmed up with some high knees…Then she had to make two laps around the field.  Here she is coming in strong for her finish…

2.  Her official time was 15 minutes and 5 seconds!  She wasn’t first but she wasn’t last which was her goal.  She received her ribbon just in time to make it to the port-a-potty to pee.3.  Don’t forget to donate to the WooSong Foundation for our board break-a-thon.  The event is on Saturday.  So donate today!

4.  Labor Day weekend was so wonderful here.  I love 4 day weekends.  And while I still need to post pictures from the balloon classic, I thought I would post some from the rest of our weekend.  All the kids together…

and the girls…

5.  I love this dog…

6.  There was some jumping off the playset…

And some s’mores…

7.  Mazie was talking about something and said “it was jacked up”.  After Jeremiah and I actually laughed at her.  She said it in the correct way but it coming out of her mouth was funny.  When I asked where she heard that she replied that her STEM teacher said it.  Nice.

8.  Speaking of funny things the kids are saying, Jacob has been saying things are “freaky” lately.  Like he makes a noise because it’s freaky and he likes that.  I’m not sure where that one came from but I have a feeling “the sisters” are involved.

9.  Jamie has been saying “sweet” a lot, as in “cool”, which apparently isn’t the right thing to say.  She said it looked “sweet” when I put a bun in her hair the other day.

10.  Jeremiah ran for an hour with some of his cadets our of Squadron Six for the POW remembrance walk/run.  It’s pretty neat that the bases do something like that.  They keep a POW flag in motion for 24 hours.  That’s sweet and jacked up all together, I think! 😉

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4 thoughts on “Ten On Tuesday

  1. Atta girl, Jamie! So proud of you – you looked great in your run! Glad to see everyone had a fun Labor Day weekend. I’m guessing it was jacked up and sweet all rolled into one!

  2. Megan's Mom on said:

    Awesome, Jamie! I knew you could do it!!!! ~<3~
    Sweet and jacked up all together….such a nice post and the fact YOU actually were in the picture….sweet all by itself :-)!
    Max looks great…she must be pampered lots!

  3. The bbq pit photos makes me want a smore. And Jeremiah looks like he is having a great time jumping off that slide.

  4. Jamie you are looking TALL which must be helping your running, all that growing! Fisher likes to say that something “FREAKED ME OUT!” Where do they come up with this stuff!

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