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The Balloon Classic

Finally…pictures of the Balloon Classic…

This one was pretty spectacular.  This balloon hovered over the water and just spun slowly.  No other balloon did that…

This pictures has 25 balloons.  Can you see them all?

We really had a lovely day of watching all the balloon lift off, hover over the lake, some touched their baskets down in the lake, and then fly all over Colorado Springs.  But this is the one that made me really smile the whole day…

Until next year…

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2 thoughts on “The Balloon Classic

  1. Megan's Mom on said:

    What great pictures!! They make you go … Ooooh aaaaaah WOW!
    Thanks for sharing such a good time 🙂
    Love the last one… So intent on watching…. Can’t wait for my turn to watch! ;-D

  2. The balloons are fantastic! It is hard to imagine how someone can be ingenious enough to create something so spectaular! looks like the kiddos were really in to the launch also.

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