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Board Break-A-Thon

The Board Break-A-Thon was a hit.  I do not know what the 4 U.S. Taekwondo Center’s raised for the WooSong Foundation but we had fun breaking boards.  Jamie and Mazie went so fast, there was no time to snap pictures.  They just went right to business.  Each of us broke 5 boards, any way we wanted.

But for a small donation of $5, Jacob was able to break a board and we got an iPhone picture of that.  He walked right up to Instructor Trevor and asked if he could break a board.  He also told him that he wanted to kick it this time.  The first time he kicked Instructor Trevor’s fingers.  *ouch*  But then he went right through the board!

Boy, did Jacob’s face light up when he broke that board!  I told him that I needed to get a picture of his broken board and him when we got home.  He was pretty proud of himself so he obliged.

See, toldya! (a true Jacob quote)

Thank you to those who donated for the charity.  The girls are working on special “thank you” cards!

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One thought on “Board Break-A-Thon

  1. Great job to all the Stahr ladies! So proud of you for what you have accomplished. Way to go, Jacob! I like the way you kicked that board ! Love to all.

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