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More Thankfuls

23.  I am thankful for stripey socks.  I love them.  They make my feet happy!

24.  I am thankful my brother and his family arrived at our house safe and sound.

25.  I am thankful for all the things everyone said around our Thanksgiving dinner table.  Mazie and Jamie said they were thankful for their family and each other.  Jacob said he was thankful for his planes and the house.  Josh and Carissa were thankful for family and each other.  Jeremiah was thankful for all the memories we have to still make. I was thankful my brother could finally be at my Thanksgiving table with his sweet family.  Sweet 2-year-old Chloe said she was thankful that she could play outside.  I’m pretty smitten with all those things!

26.  I am thankful for the fact I did not want or need to go out shopping on Black Friday.  Instead I finished most of my shopping in the warmth of my house and comfort of my favorite chair.

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One thought on “More Thankfuls

  1. Must have been a beautiful time to share together!

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