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Ten On Tuesday

1.  Today Jamie’s second grade class celebrated Thanksgiving.  The kids were to dress up as pilgrims or indians.  Jamie chose an indian and we made an outfit for her this weekend.  I think it turned out nicely…Max apparently liked it too!

2.  Our house is complete with the paint job we’ve had done.  We are very happy with it.  What do you think?

3.  This is my new favorite old place…

4.  I am more than half way complete in my Christmas shopping.  This is late for me.  Typically I have it all done, wrapped, and ready to ship by now.  Hopefully I will get the packages to their places about the same time as if I were on schedule.

5.  We had our family pictures taken on Sunday.  Now I can start my Christmas cards.  Again, I’m behind on that.

6.  I’m catching up on my Thankfuls…19).  I am thankful for preschool singing.  I rewatched a video that I took of one of Jacob’s program songs and just love it.  I am a little sad this is our last year of preschool.  20).  I am thankful that Jeremiah asked me out for a second time 17 years ago (see the previous post for the history).  21). I am thankful for transportation.  I am so happy that my brother and his family are hopping on a plane to visit!  22). I am thankful that my kids are safe in their beds, sleeping sweetly, and have the rest of the week to relax and enjoy the holiday!

7.  I have all the ingredients for our feast.  Turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, mashed red potatoes, corn, green beans, cranberry sauce, rolls, pumpkin and apple pies.  What are you having?

8.   We are to have 65 degrees for our Thanksgiving day.  A little unseasonal, if you ask me.  It should be a little cooler, not snowing or freezing, but a little cooler.

9.  I am happy that my house is ours again.  It seems like the roofers kind of took over for a while and then the painters.  It’s nice to not have to worry if there are people walking around the house now.

10.  The girls and I are having a little treat tomorrow.  Pedicures.  Jacob and Dad are going to enjoy the “ducky car wash” (aka Quick Quack car wash) while we are getting pampered.  I can’t really be sure who will have more fun!

Happy Tuesday!

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One thought on “Ten On Tuesday

  1. What a cute Indian! Love the costume. Also like your house – the blue and the red could not match any better! My Thanksgiving feast menu looks almost identical – have a great holiday. Love to all!

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