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To put a little Christmas cheer out there for you, I’ve decided to blog about the kids’ Christmas programs.  First up Jacob’s preschool program.His class was made up of angels and shepherds and Jacob was a shepherd.  Doesn’t he look like Linus from the Peanuts Gang?Jacob’s program lasted about 15 minutes but it was so wonderful.  The kids told the story of  baby Jesus being born, sang some Christmas songs, and “Happy Birthday” to Jesus.  Jacob was so excited to be a shepherd.  He was told to keep it a secret and, anyone out there who knows Jacob, knows that that was very difficult for him.  But he did it and the program was fantastic.  I love kids singing!

Next up, the girls’ choir program…Since Pop Pop was here to join us for this program, we had to do the obligatory photos beforehand…I mean, he is their #1 fan (after mom and dad, of course)…First we started with Ursa Minor.  I love how the music teacher used both science and music for the names of the choirs.  It just fit the school and the kids.  The second and third grade choir members were Ursa Minor (Jamie’s on the far right of the picture, in the front)…Jamie even had a speaking part.  Can you believe it?  Neither could I when she told us that she had a special part a day or two before the program.  Yep, that’s right, she didn’t want us to make a big deal about the fact that she would be speaking in front of all these people and end up getting her nervous, so she didn’t even tell us!  I have to say that I was so excited about it though.  She told the punch line to a joke.  What did the one snowman say to the other?  Do you smell carrots?The choir also signed a song while singing.  It was pretty impressive!Then they took a brief intermission so Ursa Minor could exit the stage and Ursa Major (fourth and fifth grade students) get ready.  There was some pretty sharp moves…and kazoos…Mazie was in a smaller group that sang a song that was just simply lovely…When Ursa Major was finished with all their songs, Ursa Minor joined them on stage to sing a couple more songs together.  One song was It’s Snow Fun/It’s No Fun.  The Major sang about hating snow (gasp, I know) and the Minor sang about how fun the snow is.  It kind of reminded me of Frosty Returns when the adults are complaining about shoveling and the kids and excited about the snow.The girls had a great time and the choir sounded awesome.  But don’t just take my word for it.  You can see Jacob was completely enthralled with the singing…Again, I love kids singing.  It’s just about the best sound, in my opinion.  It’s right up there with the sound of kids laughing!

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  1. It was a great program and the girls performed admirably – so proud of both of you!

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