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Christmas with Pop Pop

Pop Pop was here for nearly 2 weeks and the only thing I’ve posted so far was of the him at the girls’ choir program.  So here is the rest of Pop’s visit.

First when he got here we treated him to a (late) birthday celebration with some shoo fly cake, singing, and presents…

Aside from Christmas shopping, normal errands (such as taking the kids to and from school), and just normal playing with Pop Pop, we also went to Garden of the Gods and walked around for a bit one nice afternoon…Jacob had held, “Goat” and everyone looked like there was really a mountain goat on the rock.

We also had a Christmas celebration.  Pop Pop went way overboard but the kids enjoyed everything!

It took Pop Pop almost 5 hours to wrap all of his gifts.  But it only took about 10 minutes for the kids to tear it apart.  I’m pretty sure this made up the difference in time…We had a lovely time.  It was a great visit.  We can’t wait until next time!

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2 thoughts on “Christmas with Pop Pop

  1. It was a marvelous visit and it was all well worth the time and effort! Happy New Year and love to all!

  2. I love how much they love their pop pop!

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