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Ten On Tuesday

1.  We had a lovely white Christmas here.  Just enough snow to play in and warm enough to do so.  The kids loved it!

2.  Christmas Eve.  The kids were so excited about getting to bed but only after setting out goodies for Santa and making the reindeer food and running the train around the tree a few times…

3.  Santa and his deer made quite a mess with their goodies!  But they did leave a note and some nice gifts under the tree…

4.  I was a little surprised that none of the kids got up much before 8am!  But they quickly checked out their stash.  Even Max took a look…5.  The kids read their note from Santa…6.  Then went onto their gifts…

7.  After a break for food, we quickly were ordered to put it all together and make sure everything worked!  That pretty much took the rest of the day.  That and cooking our traditional brisket dinner.  It really was a lovely Christmas!

8.  Jeremiah cleaned out our storage room in the basement.  He decided to get out some of his old toys.  The kids had fun putting the legos together.  Jacob was in heaven with Jeremiah’s old matchbox cars…9.  Mazie has been counting down to her birthday for almost a month.  Today, instead of saying good morning, she informed me that there are only “9 more days until the big 10”!  I’m really not sure if she is excited about turning 10 or that her party happens to be a sleepover this year.  I have to say that today (9 days out) I am dreading both…

10.  Jacob told me this morning that he can’t wait until Mazie’s birthday because it makes us closer to his birthday.  “And since I’m going to be 5 we can to go out on a date” were his words.  Again, not really ready for that one.

Happy Tuesday!

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4 thoughts on “Ten On Tuesday

  1. Megan's Mom on said:

    Thanks for your update! Loved it! So this year it’s 10, 7, & 5…..OH MY!!!! :D!

  2. I cannot believe she’ll be ten, seems like yesterday! Sleepover!!! Yikes.

  3. Yeah, JJ. It’s her last big party until she turns 16. Then we will do a boy/girl one maybe. So we figured a sleepover was due. She was only allowed to invite 10 girls though. So that’s helping! And Mom, Jamie will be 8 in April. So 10, 8, and 5.

  4. PopPop on said:

    Looks like a wonderful festive time! Glad you had a white Christmas.

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