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Bowling for Buzzards

We went to Academy Lanes to go bowling.  We had never been bowling before with the kids.  In fact, it’s been too long to count since Jeremiah and I had even been bowling.  To say it was an adventure is a huge understatement!

The girls were awesome.  Mazie had a great form…

Jamie even got a strike!

Jacob was pretty good at being patient, since when he would roll the ball it would take 30 minutes to get to the pins… 

But he was very happy that he did manage to knock down some pins…It was fun.  The kids had a grand time and it was nice to do something together as a family.  Here, if you are interested, are the scores of our two games.Yes, Mazie did beat me in the first game.

You don’t have to look at Jeremiah’s score.  We were using the bumpers.  I was holding back since we were playing the kids.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

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One thought on “Bowling for Buzzards

  1. Looks like a real fun time! Way to go, kids!

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