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Ten On Tuesday

1.  This was my valentine from my littlest sweetheart…

2.  I made brownies for dessert that night and decided to make them extra special by cutting them out with a heart cookie cutter…

3.  I also cut cheese with a small heart cookie cutter for Jacob’s party at school and served them along side some pretzel twists.  Jamie had a surprise heart-shaped cheese with her lunch and Mazie had heart-shaped red peppers in her lunch.  It was a heart-y day!

4.  We took the kids bowling for the first time last weekend.  I’m not sure what we were thinking but it turned out to be quite fun.  Plus there was no shame in our (the adults) using the bumpers.  This deserves its own post so pictures will come soon.

5.  The girls had off from school since Friday.  Friday was a “professional development day”, Monday was the holiday, and today was just a day off.  There is no one month during the year where they go every single school day.

6.  Jacob did enjoy his day off with the girls yesterday though.  And he was super excited that they were along to pick him up from school today.  It was as if he had forgotten they had off.  He couldn’t wait to tell them all about his day.  This is funny since I usually only get the run down of what was for snack and if they went outside to play.

7.  I was invited to Ring Dance.  Since I haven’t been there since, um, 1998, I’m assuming I need a nice dress.  Any suggestions on where to get something formal without having to sell the car to pay for it?  I haven’t shopped for a formal dress since I shopped for my wedding gown.   Yeah, we kind of were “busy” when an air force formal thing came up before.  Jeremiah can’t really get out of this one, can he?

8.  I’ve been trying to get Jacob to read for a few months now.  He’s been pretty hesitant since he knows he can’t read like the girls.  I keep trying to explain that the only way he will read like the girls is if he practices but he won’t have anything to do with it.  Today Jamie was looking at his BOB books.  He decided to pick on and sat down with it.  He actually read the words.  He’s been holding out on me, the little stinker.  I have a video but have no idea how to put it on the blog…Anyone?

9.   I can’t wait for The Lorax to come out next weekend.  We are all going to see it on next Saturday.  Anyone else going?

10.  I’m ready for Spring.  Not that we’ve had much snow but I’m ready for the flowers and green grass and afternoons playing outside.

Happy Tuesday!

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2 thoughts on “Ten On Tuesday

  1. Megan's Mom on said:

    Just love that owl valentine! And reading… Your brother was the same way! I wouldn’t worry about it as boys usually catch up quickly on their own time!
    Must have been an awesome ” heart- y” day!
    bet they really appreciated the surprises! 🙂
    There must be a bridal shop somewhere in your little corner of Colorado to shop for that dress! That is where I would start and oh what fun you will have with shopping for it :D!
    I really appreciate your blog enjoy reading about all everyone is doing. Thank you for sharing! Love and miss you!

  2. J.J. Killins on said:

    Ring Dance!! You should find tons of dresses in the stores now, tis the season. We are supposed to get a big snow this week (we’ll believe it when we see it), but usually March 1st is the day I exhale, because in March you can get 20 but also 60. Rain but also snow or warmth. Either way it’s right next to April, and that’s when we start hitting the garden stores!

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