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Ten on Wednesday

1.  Yeah, I know.  I’m a day late and a dollar short.  What’s new?

2.  Friday was Dr. Seuss’s 108th birthday.  Did anyone celebrate?  We did.  I made green eggs and ham for breakfast.The kids were excited about it but only took a few bites each and then went on to a “normal” breakfast.  Jacob and I read Seuss books and watched a couple of short movies in the afternoon.  We also went to see The Lorax on Saturday as a family.  We totally recommend the movie.  It was true to the book with added parts to make it a full movie.  It was great!

3.  I completed my first Pinterest project.  I am so excited about it.  What do you think?Jacob walks through the dining room to go to the bathroom and almost walks into the door because he is looking up!  I can’t wait for the girls to see it after school.

4.  And no rainbow is complete without a pot ‘o gold, right?This sits right under the rainbow on the table.

5.  Jacob scolded me for standing on a bar stool while attaching the rainbow to the wall/ceiling.  He said that I should be using the step-ladder.  I had to explain that I couldn’t reach while standing on the ladder.  He said, “Oh yeah, you are kind of short.”  Then he told me that if I fall it he was going to say, “I told you so” because he did.  I didn’t fall so we are good!

6.  Mazie started TCAP testing yesterday.  It’s the same as CSAP of last year.  The state just changed the name.  She was so nervous about the first test.  I thought this year would be different since her teacher was purposely playing down the test by calling it “TCRAP” and saying it wasn’t a huge deal.  I guess he just talked about it too much.  Oh and said “Do your best” which means extra pressure.

7.  Jamie has her second grade music program tomorrow evening.  She had to take an umbrella to school for it.  I can’t wait to see what that’s all about!  She’s so excited about it.

8.  Many of you know how Jacob feels about buttons on his shirts.  To put it mildly, he hates them.  He says they hurt him.  He doesn’t mind the buttons on his pants, just his shirts.  He picked out a Little Man suit for our big date at the end of the month.  Black dress pants, a light green button down shirt, a black pin striped vest, and a matching tie (and don’t forget the dress socks and shoes).  Seriously, he looks so big and handsome in it.  I can’t wait to have our big birthday date.

9.  Or maybe I can.  That means he will be 5 after all.  I’m not really ready to admit that I have big kids now.

10.  We are so excited about Spring Break in a few weeks!  The girls have two weeks off.  During their last week is Jacob’s and Jeremiah’s Spring Break.  That’s the week we are going to be in California!

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4 thoughts on “Ten on Wednesday

  1. Megan's Mom on said:

    Love the rainbow and pot of gold! I too like th Pinterest site… Lots of great ideas.
    Mazie I know you will be just fine during the TCRAP testing!
    I can’t wait to see your handsome date later this month!
    I really hope you have a great time in CA and look forward to seeing the pictures!… Love and miss you!

  2. PopPop on said:

    Great creation that looks awesome in your dining room! I am sure Jacob will be quite the little man in his dinner “tux”. Mazie will test just fine, as always; and I am sure Jamie’s concert will be fab! Love to all!

  3. J.J. Killins on said:

    That rainbow project is awesome! Wish I could hear your concert, Jamie! I can’t wait to see Jacob’s outfit!!

  4. Kristen on said:

    Sorry to hear that Mazie is still “stressed” about testing. Karina and Colin take FCAT (Florida’s standardized tests) practice tests weekly…their textbooks were written for the good old state of Florida and include practice tests. Oh yeah, and Colin won’t be taking the FCAT for two more years! I think that Mazie’s teacher has it right:)

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